How to get rid of old period blood?

i don't menstruate anymore because I'm on depo . so when I have sex I bleed, because the blood is finally being released due to uterine contractions. its really nasty, how can I stop this from happening, should I switch birth control?


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  • I would switch but just because when my aunt ran a crisis pregnancy center she had a lot of people there that were on depo. And also I had a friend that had one round of it when she got married. She never got a period again and was on fetility meds for two years and almost had to do invitro. The docs told her it screwed up her system permantetly it wasn't for her. Plus the unplesant side effects. Then again I also am of the opinion it should be banned since women aren't told of all this.

    • but which one should I use. I want the implant or the mirena it stays in for 3-5 years till you take it out. I was on pills they were okay, but I was always scared I would forget to take it?

    • Well Mirena you have to have had a child with as far as I know. As for the implant it is just now back on the market after being banned so not sure about that one. I like the pill. I would say the patch but apparently it is not good if you have cysts

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  • please go check with your doctor..maybe she can help


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  • I'd definitely go to the doctor and see about switching methods of birth control. Depo does bad things to your bone density and has way too many side effects. You obviously have no other issues with hormones so there are plenty of other birth control options out there you can try.