Guys coming on your face?

Girls, how many of you like/wouldn't mind your man coming on your face?

I ask because my girlfriend often asked me to pull out and come on her face, but from comments made by other guys I don't think it's that common. Opinions?

Guys, how many of you have/had girlfriends or hoolups who liked that?

A few of you have said it's degrading. Why do you feel this way, if you don't mind me asking?


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  • I'm not bothered about where he comes, we make a game of it of 'can he hit my face'

    A lot of women see it as degrading or whatever, I see it as a bit of fun. And it's not like a random person, this man has seen me naked, we love each other, I don't mind and I don't think you should be so violently against something if you've never tried it!


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  • I wouldn't mind a male cumming on my face (although it does nothing for me).

    I do it more so to please my partner because I know the effect its visual appeal can have on him.

  • That's what chicks in p*rnos do and perhaps some guys find that appealing. As for a girl really liking that... I find it hard to believe she truly does. It stinks and it's sticky. I don't want that stuff on my face, plus you run the risk of it getting in her hair and THAT is not fun. That stuff acts like superglue in hair! :)

    • well neither of us is afraid to ask for what we want, so it's not that she's just doing it for me. TBH I prefer coming in her mouth, and she loves that too, but she asks quite a bit for me to come on her face, so I guess she likes it.

  • My Boyfriend cums on my face every once in a while. I prefer it on my breasts if I am not swallowing it, but occasionally he wants to, it is fine as long as it does not go in my eyes or in my nose. That stuff burns in your eyes.

  • Never had it happen b4, but I prob wouldn't freak out about it... :o)

  • No way I let them come anywhere but there to me it is just denigrating. I guess the guys I hook up with know I'm more old school and they never even ask me to do that I guess they know they are lucky if they could come on me.

  • I don't mind at all. I gush an orgasm all over his face when he goes down on me so it's not degrading at all, that's just an arguement from come hating lezbo's. I actully love it when he comes in my mouth but sometimes we mix it up and he'll come on my face,t*ts, pantyhose feet only when he comes on my face I close my eyes when it starts because it can sting your eyes. loosen up girls, if your in a committed relationship let loose and have fun!

  • I would never let a man do that to me, it's just degrading and embrassing. Plus I wouldn't do that to anyone else.

    • why is it degrading? Not an attack, just wondering. Is it also degrading if you were to gush all over his face? (my gfs reasoning.)

    • To me that's like someone spitting in my face, you should have enough respect for your own body to not let someone do that to you. Most girls or guys wouldn't even think twice about letting someone do that to them, sh*tty ideas like that comes from p*rn! Most things that happen in p*rn movies don't happen in real life. At the end of the day it's all about respect for you and your partner.

    • Hmm. Interesting view. May I ask if you've tried it? I'm always interested to know if people haev experimented with what they have an instinctive dislike of. I find it a useful insight. Also, isn't respect for your partner also part of this idea? as in, I respect my girlfriend enough to know that when I'm eating her out, when she comes on my face, it isn't a sign of disrespect but a sign of pleasure? So, if she's sucking me off and I come on her face, she knows it's not a sign of disrespect?

  • My boyfriend cums on my face on occasion. I don't mind but it has went up my nose before and I have got it in my eye. That didn't feel to good but I thought it was funny. I poke fun at him on occasion. It's not so bad though.

  • I would not like that! Think it's pretty uncommon


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  • I've had women who wanted it on their lips, but that has always been after oral sex. The only other place that has seemed oddly common in women seem to want sperm on their boobs.

  • I had a girlfriend in particular that was rather indifferent to the notion before she had tried it, overall said she would be fine with it, but only every once in a while. Once we did it she seemed to actually quite like it. Maybe it was the mental aspect of being dominated, or that it's naughty, or that it got me going. I think most women can convinced. I think it's a bit upright not to at least give it a try.

    • my way of looking at it is "everything works in the right circumstances" so I'd agree we owe it to ourselves to at least try.

  • god if my wife said to me, come on my face, I would come so hard at that time, that would turn me on so much! I need to change it up, its always her stomach.

  • Think this is alrite

  • Women aren't usually into getting it in the face. Some might tolerate it at times, but few actually enjoy it. For some reason many of them like it on their t*ts though, so I aim there instead.

  • Never had a girlfriend who ~wanted~ that. Had one say she'd be okay with trying it (we never did, I preferred coming in her mouth) and all the rest vehemently stated that it would never happen.

    And I've never specifically asked for it. It's always been "Are you okay with me pulling out and coming on you?" And the answer's always something like "If you come on my stomach or ass, yeah, that's kind of hot, just not on my face".