Guys, do blue balls hurt?

how does it feel? you get mad when a girl gives you blue balls?..if not, what if she does it often?


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  • Blueballs hurts. It is PAIN. The degree of pain depends on the severity of how long they've been teased or whatever. As I explained in another comment on here, it happens when you've had a hard on and been really aroused for too long and the fluids that engorge your penis and balls get stuck in your balls, and inflame them. It's like a headache in your balls, except that balls are much more sensitve, they are organs so it hurts a lot more and in a different way.

    It feels like the ache you get after being kicked in the balls which is like a really strong dull ache in the balls as well as a dull but powerful cramp in your lower stomach and groin.

    I only get mad if I know a girl did it on purpose, like if she was intentionally teasing me. I've had a girlfriend who would often give me a handjob/blowjob and then just stop and giggle at me as she put me back in my pants. And would giggle a lot afterwards when I walked a little funny due to the painn my balls. Eventually I figured out that she was just being a bitch and dumped her.

    So basically, if you're purposely giving a guy blueballs? Stop it! It's mean and it hurts like a bitch. if it just happens by coincidence because you were getting intimate and got him turned on but something interupted you? Then that's understandable.

    A little advice: if you know you're in a place or a situation where you know you're not going to be able to finish him off, then don't start anything that might turn him on or give him blue balls.

    From your question it sounds like you have been giving a guy blue balls. If you're doing it on purpose, stop it! He'll end up leaving you if it keeps happening all the time. If it's just by accident then just try to stop turning him on so much in situations where you can't finish him off.

    Lastly blueballs, while quite painful, causes no lasting damage and he can fix it by jerking off if he must, so you should take care to try not to do that if at all possible. That being said, just getting a hard on is not enough to cause blueballs, it generally has to be a long extended period of arousal.


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  • Yes they hurt, but nothing to get mad about.

    If she makes a hobby of giving me blue balls, though, she'll get dumped.

  • If someone claims blue balls, give him some hand lotion and tissues and send him to the bathroom to solve his problem. If he doesn't like it, kick him to the curb. Blue balls is a lame high school excuse to obligate a woman into sex she obviously doesn't want to have. I would call bring this up as a dumpable offense because it speaks very poorly of the man who mentions it. He knows how to solve that problem.

    • Yeah but see the actual condition lasts after ejaculation if it has already set in. The vessels are being swollen to a much larger size and testicular tubes are as well. They aren't meant to stay that way for a long period of time. So even after you release the pressure as some say, the pain is still there because the damage was done already.

      Not like you take a bullet out of a wound and the wound is healed.

  • Yes it hurts, me anyway. Used to happen a lot when I was in cadets mind. Be with ur girlfriend kissing for ages and all that, but we were young. And like when I'd stay at hers for the weekend, I'd just get pain like I'd been booted in the balls. Or like someone was just squeezing my balls. Took ages for me to realize, then one time I was like, maybe if I...

    Problem solved. But yeah, I spent a good couple months starting to think I was just allergic to her or, that it was the fact that she was like lying on me, and was her weight or something.

    Bottom line, it hurts, but if he knows what to do about it it's not really a problem as far as I know.

  • Well let me tell...yes it is very uncomfortable. What happens is Sperm gets backed up and you haven't released it and it hurts. If don't want to give him any then the next best thing to do is either 1. give him a BJ, or 2. Jack him off. But whatever you do don't leave him walking around with sperm overload.

    • It's not that sperm gets backed up. It's that the fluids that engorge the penis and balls (yeah your balls get bigger too when you get an erection) get trapped down there if they stay there too long. Essentially it's what's supposed to happen when you get an erection, but if the blood and fluids stay there too long and get backed up there which causes inflamation. Inflamation is what causes most pain in the body, so it's like having a headache in your balls, which is a very tender area.

  • Its nothing to worry about.

  • Uh, my balls hurt and NICE WORDING! It feels really painful but luckily it goes away after a while. It hurts like hell but we don't normally get mad.

    Google "balls hurt but don't know why " and click on the first link.

  • YES!

  • To answer the initial question, yes, blue balls hurt. It can be mild but the first times you get blue balls it seems to be the most severe. I could only akin to a pulsing blunt intense pain, a pain that is different from any other pain your body feels, unless you've just injured your testicles. The pain is strange because it is outside of your body, and it can hurt very badly.

    The only things that can be done to cure blue balls are to wait it out, which can take 4-5 hours, but the most efficient method is ejaculation, which releases the pressure.

    If a girl was giving me blue balls intentionally, I would be mad. But I've never came across a woman so cruel! Any man who is in a relationship, who gets mad about his girl giving him blue balls often, is a fool. Obviously she doesn't want to have intercourse, or something of the like. But he does, you can't blame him its instinct, and only natural. Maybe this relationship isn't right for him or her.

  • Honestly I would rather get shot or a broken bone then having blue balls. If a guy really has it then it is like someone keeps stomping your groin. It can last a few minutes to endless hours or days.

  • Lefthand, you are the type of woman I want to smack repeatedly, not because I don't believe in womans rights but because you take it too far...

    BLUE BALLS ARE A BITCH I would say its a long dull pain but its actually a look piercing pain. Techan nailed the cause being that the blood accumulates down there and it doesn't get released, but the same thing can happen to woman too. go google it.

  • Well first off not every guy gets this condition.

    I however do, and somewhat easily. If sex gets interrupted midway through for instance, I am in trouble. It used to hurt where I had to sit down and lean forward (relieved some of the pressure). Now though it get can as bad to where I can't walk without being in agony. And forget trying to sleep or anything for the next 3-4 hours.

  • I'm in the worst pain ever "blue balls" from my girl friend teasing me for hours ladies do not tease a Guy if you going to do it do it. And she's laughing at me because my balls jury ill make sure next time I see her to slap her ha ha so I feel for all the guys out there

  • Yes, very painful.

    Only relived by cumming by way of wanking off, having sex either by his lady or mistress or finding a hooker. And sometime getting his mind off sex and waiting it out.

  • Weird. I have never experienced this.

    • Any other guy never get this problem? Or am I a mutant?

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  • I think its cruel to work a guy up and then leave him like that. Guys need to finish because of the way their bodies work. I always empty my boyfriend if I get him excited, always. There are lots of ways to do it and it does not seem to matter to him, but sucking it out seems to be the best way for his enjoyment. I don't want my boyfriend looking at other women so I give him the best he can get. I love to please him completely, it turns me on to no end.

  • how do you think it feels for a girl when a guy wants a bj and doesn't expect to give the girl anything in return. But us girls are suppose to suck it up huh?. . . . juse service the guy and get nothing in return cause we so enjoy pleasuring you and not being relieved ourselves. I say you deserve it if your one of those kinds of guy.

  • My boyfriend got blue balls from me over and over when we were dating. I did not have any experience and I noticed that he was very sensitive in his testicles. I started reading and was surprised that I was causing it. I felt bad. You ladies that think this is funny and that he just needs to jerk off are insensitive cruel people. If you love your man you will take care of him. I made sure that after I found out that if I played with him at all that I made him come. No more blue balls for my man. I am lucky he did not dump me and move on to someone that would not frustrate him. If I have to hand job him or suck it out or have sex, whatever but I get the juice out every time. Wise up ladies. Guys I understand how you feel and I want you to know that I am not like these other ladies that make light of this condition.