Guys, do blue balls hurt?

how does it feel? you get mad when a girl gives you blue balls?..if not, what if she does it often?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Blueballs hurts. It is PAIN. The degree of pain depends on the severity of how long they've been teased or whatever. As I explained in another comment on here, it happens when you've had a hard on and been really aroused for too long and the fluids that engorge your penis and balls get stuck in your balls, and inflame them. It's like a headache in your balls, except that balls are much more sensitve, they are organs so it hurts a lot more and in a different way.

    It feels like the ache you get after being kicked in the balls which is like a really strong dull ache in the balls as well as a dull but powerful cramp in your lower stomach and groin.

    I only get mad if I know a girl did it on purpose, like if she was intentionally teasing me. I've had a girlfriend who would often give me a handjob/blowjob and then just stop and giggle at me as she put me back in my pants. And would giggle a lot afterwards when I walked a little funny due to the painn my balls. Eventually I figured out that she was just being a bitch and dumped her.

    So basically, if you're purposely giving a guy blueballs? Stop it! It's mean and it hurts like a bitch. if it just happens by coincidence because you were getting intimate and got him turned on but something interupted you? Then that's understandable.

    A little advice: if you know you're in a place or a situation where you know you're not going to be able to finish him off, then don't start anything that might turn him on or give him blue balls.

    From your question it sounds like you have been giving a guy blue balls. If you're doing it on purpose, stop it! He'll end up leaving you if it keeps happening all the time. If it's just by accident then just try to stop turning him on so much in situations where you can't finish him off.

    Lastly blueballs, while quite painful, causes no lasting damage and he can fix it by jerking off if he must, so you should take care to try not to do that if at all possible. That being said, just getting a hard on is not enough to cause blueballs, it generally has to be a long extended period of arousal.