Women, what does getting penetrated feel like?

i mean how does it feel pleasurable...weird question I know..but I wonder if it feels as good for us as for you all..explain if you can thnx


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  • Well vaginally if done right feels like pressure that is good , it is the in and out that makes it feel good. Anal well at first it hurts but done slow then hard it's good. Can make you come vaganaly and squirt if done right. It makes the inner walls spasm and feel good


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  • Basically the head of your d*ck is the equivalent of our clit, so you get more pleasure during penetration than we do which is why the average time it takes for a guy to come is 7 minutes and for women its 20.

  • Powerful, like having nothing there and then all of a sudden like BAM. Maybe hurts a little, but it's really warm feeling and super close and yeah... powerful :o)

  • It feels kinda awesome. Like, the initial filling feels like a slight pressure that feels fantastic. It's a different kind of pleasure, I think


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  • I think they'd appreciate if you clarified if you meant vaginally, anally, orally or a mix.