A cute guy caught me looking at his crotch.

I was in the park and I went down to pet this guy's dog and he was wearing this tight jeans and was in great shape. I looked up to talk to him about his dog but must have starred at his d*** for like at least 5 seconds it was so obvious and wanted him so bad. Then I smiled up at him and I told him how much I liked his jeans and looked at it again. He did not ask my for my number and no wedding ring he was wearing. Girls have you ever been caught obviously checking out a guy's d***. Not only did he see me look at it, he seemed use to it like all girls did it. And girls did it ever make you wanna just pull his jeans down and go to town on him right then and there regardless of the public.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think I love you.

    It happens in the right jeans, but honestly I'm so lost in my own little world most of the time, you could probably get my zipper half way down.

    Thanks for helping demystify women's desire. If we all keep it up the Victorians will all move to the moon.