BRACES and giving head...

Do you find it understandable that a girl doesn't wanna give head because she has braces...and is afraid of decapitating your penis? lol


Most Helpful Guy

  • Giving head with braces can be a challenge. To offset this challenge have your orthodontist cut your wires short in back, both top and bottom, that way there are no points sticking out. Take your tongue along your molars to where the braces end. There should be four places where the wires attach. If you happen to feel the wire sticking out of any of those four ends (if you have both upper and lower braces) or two ends (if you have only upper or only lower) complain to your orthodontist that they are "sticking" you in the gums. He or she should understand and adjust them accordingly.

    The next thing that you will want to do is get some of the orthodontic wax. It may not taste wonderful but apply it to the sharper edges of the brackets along your frontal teeth, namely the incisors. Also if given the option the next time you are in, even though it may hurt like crazy, opt for the full chains versus individual retainer bands as these will further eliminate any sharp corners. Lastly if you are fortunate enough to have elastics going parallel to you braces, wear them.

    And as always, since you have braces, observe the tongue technique. Pay special attention to the head, as well as the frenulum, or the small patch of skin below the head. Avoid licking as if it were an ice cream cone, as there are better ways of doing it. Do some research and you will go far.