Girls, how curvy are you(hips compared to waist), and how much muscle do you like on guys?

I'm trying to see if there's a connection between how curvy girls are and what kind of guys they like.

I'm wondering this cause I usually see the curvy girls with the buff or buffish guys.

and I have some muscle tone but I mostly attract chubby girls.

I'm thinking there's really no connection at all but then again, you never know, might as well try to find out.


  • I'm curvy and like buff guys
    57% (20)5% (1)39% (21)Vote
  • I'm curvy and don't like buff guys
    20% (7)0% (0)13% (7)Vote
  • I'm not curvy and I like buff guys
    6% (2)0% (0)4% (2)Vote
  • I'm not curvy and I don't like buff guys
    6% (2)0% (0)4% (2)Vote
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    11% (4)95% (18)40% (22)Vote
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what do you consider buff?


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  • I'm an odd kinda of curvy. My waist is 25" and my hips/butt are 38", my butt isn't very big but my hips are huuuuge. And my boobs aren't that big so I'm almost an hourglass but not quite. And I don't like lotsa muscles but you know, muscles are good.

    I like this: link


    link *drools*

    But it's not like I expect a guy to be buff like that, just strong and lean. Abs are not required. But I do like nice arms. :3

    • Coo, coo.

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    • She wants to know Si le podes llevar un mensaje

    • tried, add me so I can. thanks man.

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  • Eh,I wouldn't say I'm super curvy but I do have some curve from my waist to hips and down. As for buff guys they sometimes kinda creep me out because some of them have no neck lol but overall it's generally a case by case basis,it depends more on the guy than what he actually looks like because you could be the sexiest guy in the world but if you're just a bad person all around you're a no...rejected! Lol

  • I'm curvy and I do like muscular guys. Only really in the arms though. It doesn't matter to me whether or not they have a 6 pack or a little chub.

    • hah alright coo. I like your username

    • Thanks (:

    • you're welcome.

  • 25 waist 35 hips (size 9) I think that is considered curvy. As for guys as long as they are somewhat toned and a bit muscular

    h t t p ://w w w. pop wired . com / ima ges /2007 /0 7/s an tiago_01. j p g

    this is probably my dream body on a guy but it isn't the norm for guys my age

    h t t p://2.bp.blo gs pot. com/_hE0TRpE -p8U/ T URx_qe RQe I/AAA AAAAA tJc/ U5uPtEQ5N vE/s1600 /%2B_ lf 3 2wdboSH 1q dq59qo 1_5 00. j p g

    • you could have just put it as a link... I'm not looking at that.

      and yeah you're pretty curvy.

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    • I did and it still eouldn't let me since I am not Level 4 just look at @99PROBLEMS and then the secound link and @PoeticNinja

    • Oh OK. Coo then.

  • I am not curvy and I don't like buff guys.

    Buff in what sense? - I just want a guy who is tone. - link

    • Lean sort of is like being buff just not with all the muscle mass.

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    • I could probably hit those abs if I was dedicated. I'm doubtful on the pecs.

      Other guys probably reverse problem.

      Guys who are being shown as 'buff' here have moderately high muscle mass combined with very low body fat. While men have lower then women, they are as 'skinny' as girls who have thigh gaps and visible abs, while muscular.

      Its about as easy as it would be for a woman to have a thigh gap, visible abs AND a large round butt.

      Its possible, for most hard without drugs.

    • possible yeah, not easy. at all.

  • I'm sort of curvy.

    I like guys with a little bit of muscle tone. But I not super buff.

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  • I think good question, but insufficent poll options - not your fault my man, we need a proper research study on this ;)

    I might categorize guys as 'lean' 'atheletic' or 'ripped' (all low body fat with increasing muscle) or they can be the above + fat.

    Not many girls would choose skinny fat.

    I've seen girls who prefer lean, atheletic or ripped. I've seen girls who prefer guys who are muscular with a bit of fat too.

    I'd hazard a guess that 'curvy' girls tend to like more muscular guys. Skinny girls might like muscular guys, but might like lean guys. I'm guessing that girls don't like guys who seem thinner then they are. Overweight girls I suspect go for buff guys (who make them feel ladylike) or 'buff guys with fat' (same plus they don't feel out of shape'

    But these are all guesses.

    • they're good guesses, they make sense.

      and yeah, there's not enough poll options for this type of Q's.

      it'd be better if there were like 10 options

    • Really need to be able to ask a few questions then correlate them. Which I doubt Gag will biuld

      I suppose we could make a surveymonkey survey then link it, hah ;)

    • haha no idea what that is

  • Good question fam.

    • thank you, thank you.