Girls, how curvy are you(hips compared to waist), and how much muscle do you like on guys?

I'm trying to see if there's a connection between how curvy girls are and what kind of guys they like.

I'm wondering this cause I usually see the curvy girls with the buff or buffish guys.

and I have some muscle tone but I mostly attract chubby girls.

I'm thinking there's really no connection at all but then again, you never know, might as well try to find out.


  • Vote A I'm curvy and like buff guys
  • Vote B I'm curvy and don't like buff guys
  • Vote C I'm not curvy and I like buff guys
  • Vote D I'm not curvy and I don't like buff guys
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what do you consider buff?

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  • I'm an odd kinda of curvy. My waist is 25" and my hips/butt are 38", my butt isn't very big but my hips are huuuuge. And my boobs aren't that big so I'm almost an hourglass but not quite. And I don't like lotsa muscles but you know, muscles are good.

    I like this: link


    link *drools*

    But it's not like I expect a guy to be buff like that, just strong and lean. Abs are not required. But I do like nice arms. :3

    • Coo, coo.

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    • She wants to know Si le podes llevar un mensaje

    • tried, add me so I can. thanks man.