Why does my girlfriend fart or make fart like noises during sex? I would especially like to hear from the women.

why does my girlfriend fart or make fart like noise during sex? I would especially like to hear from the women out there! and the men of course and how you feel about it


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  • Thank god someone brought up this issue.. this is NOT farting, though many guys believe that it is (okay it could be, but from the description of it, I doubt it) and believe it or not it is often the mans fault.

    This is an emission or expulsion of air from the vagina that may occur during or after sexual intercourse or during other sexual acts, stretching or exercise. The sound is somewhat comparable to 'farting' but does not involve waste gases and therefore often has no specific odor ( a wikipedia definition).

    This usually happens when air is brought into the vagina then quickly brought out ( usually when wet) causing the sudden gust of air, making a 'fart-like' noise.

    Don't worry its completely normal, she's probably embarrassed that you thought she broke wind in such an intimate act!

    • I have seen live yoga or exercise shows on TV, and pussy farts are nothing to be ashamed of. It happens when you draw in and expell air during some type of exercises. Does bring laughs usually, but so normal, nobody really is concerned.

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  • They're just "pussy farts" or "queefs" some Brits call them "fanny farts"...as said by other posters it's just trapped air and quite natural. I cannot believe all the negativity on the web I find about this natural occurance. A farting p**** to me means a happy pussy. It's wet! It's relaxed! and for God sake...it's talking to me! It's saying I'm doing it right! LOL ! There is no foul odor. IT'S JUST AIR! So lighten up and enjoy yourselves. Ladies should not be embarrassed and guys should grow up. PEACE!


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  • This happens to me too sometimes and I've read it's caused by air pumping in and out of the vagina. I noticed this usually happens during deep penetration and/or when he's thrusting hard and fast.

    The first time this happened to me was when I was riding and grinding him really hard and fast on top of him. We just both said "oops..." and laughed it off. It's no big deal!

  • yea my guess it's 'varts'

  • shes queefing.

    lol its normal. it isn't farts. its the air you pump in when you go in. it means your not going in fast enough so the air gets trapped in. she can't control it so it comes out, making a fart noise.

  • well its called a queef its normal

  • omg this so happens to me during sex. I tend to get reaaally wet. its kinda embarrassing, but I just try to laugh it off. I'm pretty suuuure that I also squirt! it happened once . I was sooooo embarassed , it looked like I wet his bed!

  • Its the air bubbles! Suction and friction and lots of lube whether made or applied all contributes to the queef. Since my husband and I are so comfortable with ourselves and each other we just laugh through it and keep going. I'll share a little something silly with you all- before we were married (but living together) he was down munching and using fingers and all- I let our a nasty queef and pretty much sprayed his face with my um... moisture! LOL I was sooo embarrassed but we got over it- it just burned his eyes a lil. These things are a part of life and life happens. Just laugh and deal my friends- laugh and deal.

  • Its just excess air being released. You try sticking a cucumber into a hole the size of a baby corn and make it out without any noises. Its uncontrollable and not the girls fault. Always if she's very wet there can be some squelchy noises... Hope that helps.

  • BUT if she DOES part, it can be because of the sex position, or you pressing on her stomach. if my legs are stretched wayyy to high like over my head, then the pressure of that plus his weight makes me feel like I have to but I don't release.

  • totally normal...

    listen to what the guys said.

  • LIke, is she actually farting or do you hear the sound when you're having vaginal sex with her? Cause it could be that when you're having sex with her, air is getting in and when you put your penis in, he pushes the air out and makes a "farting" sound. Don't know if that helps at all.

    • Usually if she has slept around her vagina becomes loose, the air penetrates her easily because her vagina is big, I realized this with some girls I have slept with before. but lots of guys talk bout this too. as much as it is the issue about penis size guys talk more about female breasts and vagina size, the tighter ther better.

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  • Like the user below me pointed out, it's queefing. It's when air is trapped in the vagina and through the course of sex it is released, sounding like a fart. The major difference is that a queef doesn't smell, so it won't interrupt the sex by stinking everything up. It's a little awkward, but it's best just to ignore it.

  • Its because your penis moving inside her forms a suction that when you break the seal on the suction makes a fart like noise due to the dampness inside her vagina,

    Many uneducated people think its because the girls vagina is dirty, that is a complete Lie and couldn't be further from the truth.

    So basically its normal, happens all the time, and can even happen afterward because pockets of air can stay inside the girl for a little while, even if she doesn't feel them.

    Also girls have been known to fart during sex that is VERY rough simply because your jumbling everything around in that region, its only natural. Take it as a complement that your doing a good job.

  • If your lady is actually farting during sex it could express nervousness. Otherwise as already stated, trapped air will cause sounds reminiscent of flatulence.

  • itz called a "quief" dude. (I might of spelled that word wrong)

    its perectly normal. its air caught up in the girls virgina being let lose.

    it usally happens when your hitting it hard and fast. :)


  • There are a number of diferente types of exercises that can cause air to enter the vagina (yoga and others) and when you contract the stomach muscles for any of dozens of exercises or position, it puts pressure on the vagina, and as a result the air will excape the same way it enters.

    Once Women and Men get a little more mature (older) they know it is natural, nothing to be ashamed of, can happen due to sex or not, and is nothing more than a fact of life, like burping. Now burping, you can control the volume, but expelling air from the vagina, not so easy.

    For many more couples, than you can imagine, it can actually heighten the sexual "tease" during relations. So enjoy it!

  • Dude, you have experienced a truly wonderful result of lovemaking. You and she are so HOT together, and you are giving it so good to her, that she is squirting! Her vagina has been so perfectly stimulated, in all the right places, that her orgasmic musculature is reverberating to your stroking with pulses of joy! (Men get an erection in ONE place, whereas women are fortunate enough to get an erection in at least 5 places, if her partner has done his job.) Sometimes the pulse is filled with her juices, and you get wet all over the front of your groin, from belly to thighs. Sometimes the pulse is filled with air, and you hear what sounds like a fart. But, it's all due to lovemaking with a fabulous attraction and desire for one another, and the physical ability to carry it out in equally-matched sex. That being said, the best sex is first triggered in the brain, of course.

  • it's called queefing, I'm surprised you don't know about it by your age. It has to do with air getting trapped in their vaginas.