Why does my girlfriend fart or make fart like noises during sex? I would especially like to hear from the women.

why does my girlfriend fart or make fart like noise during sex? I would especially like to hear from the women out there! and the men of course and how you feel about it


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  • Thank god someone brought up this issue.. this is NOT farting, though many guys believe that it is (okay it could be, but from the description of it, I doubt it) and believe it or not it is often the mans fault.

    This is an emission or expulsion of air from the vagina that may occur during or after sexual intercourse or during other sexual acts, stretching or exercise. The sound is somewhat comparable to 'farting' but does not involve waste gases and therefore often has no specific odor ( a wikipedia definition).

    This usually happens when air is brought into the vagina then quickly brought out ( usually when wet) causing the sudden gust of air, making a 'fart-like' noise.

    Don't worry its completely normal, she's probably embarrassed that you thought she broke wind in such an intimate act!

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      I have seen live yoga or exercise shows on TV, and pussy farts are nothing to be ashamed of. It happens when you draw in and expell air during some type of exercises. Does bring laughs usually, but so normal, nobody really is concerned.

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  • They're just "pussy farts" or "queefs" some Brits call them "fanny farts"...as said by other posters it's just trapped air and quite natural. I cannot believe all the negativity on the web I find about this natural occurance. A farting p**** to me means a happy pussy. It's wet! It's relaxed! and for God sake...it's talking to me! It's saying I'm doing it right! LOL ! There is no foul odor. IT'S JUST AIR! So lighten up and enjoy yourselves. Ladies should not be embarrassed and guys should grow up. PEACE!