Erection during massage

Ive been thinking about going for a massage sometime soon just to help me relax a bit. I'm going through mid semester exams at uni, busy at work, etc etc etc and I've been pretty stressed out lately so I thought I would try getting a massage. The only thing I'm worried about is getting an erection during the massage and making myself look like some sort of weird sex pervert. I just don't know if I would be able to control myself if I had a women rubbing lotion all over my body. Is it common for it to happen and is there a way to help deal with it?



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  • Looking into being a masseuse myself, I think someone dealing with a job that involves touching people should be aware of how their clients may react. If I was a masseuse and my client got an erection I wouldn't be bothered, I mean your body is gonna do what it's gonna do! What would be inappropriate is if you made lewd comments, or started to touch yourself sexually. But it doesn't sound like that's your motive, you just want a massage. Don't worry about it!

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      Or if the masseuses started massaging me down there :o

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      If you want to be a Registered Massage Therapist, the first thing you should know is that masseuse/masseur refer's to the people who offer happy endings. An RMT is a designated health professional with extensive training in musculoskeletal anatomy, postural analysis, and at least a dozen different techniques that specifically target conditions and injuries. A true RMT will also be registered and insured by a national organization. (NHPC in Canada)

      Just so you know :P

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      Okay. Well where I'm from the word masseuse means masseuse.