Do guys like girls shaved or hairy?

Ya that's what I wanted to know so let me know please..


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  • Please leave it hairy. I don't know why most women like to shave EVERYTHING these days, but men are visual, and a nice patch of hair really intensifies the sexual experience. I would rather an ugly women with a nice visually appealing bush, than a beautiful woman who is completely shaved. It may be just me, but I think the woman should be natural, and the man should be the one who shaves (or closely trims). Just as long as everything is clean, I don't see the issue. And no, I don't think being shaved adds anything to being clean.

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  • At least trimmed. After that trimmed or shaved both work for me.

  • I think hairy is kinda a turn on, even is this culture is a huge taboo

  • i like it trimmed

  • Gotta go hairy. I think of hairy women as being more mature and comfortable being themselves. I find shaved women to be trying to find themselves and don't mind if their downstairs resembles a porn-star from PornHub.

  • Bald all the way every day!

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What Girls Said 2

  • As far as I know, every guy has a different preference. Some love hair, some don't. It depends on the guy.

  • I'm a girl. N personally. Shaving is tiring. N take time. I can't always shave anywhere there lot of hair just becuz society thinks it's right to do it... I'm a hairy girl by the way. My skin is sentinive. So shaving entirely is out the question. I'm just scared when I. Finally have sex. The guy will be disgusted or something.

    • Please do not be scared. There are plenty of guys out there who will love the way you are and a few who may truly love you, just the way you are. At least the guys that are worth it and not superficial. If he is an easy going guy that is himself confident, not arrogant there is a greater chance he will be good to you.