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Do guys like girls shaved or hairy?

Ya that's what I wanted to know so let me know please..

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  • Please leave it hairy. I don't know why most women like to shave EVERYTHING these days, but men are visual, and a nice patch of hair really intensifies the sexual experience. I would rather an ugly women with a nice visually appealing bush, than a beautiful woman who is completely shaved. It may be just me, but I think the woman should be natural, and the man should be the one who shaves (or closely trims). Just as long as everything is clean, I don't see the issue. And no, I don't think being shaved adds anything to being clean.

What Guys Said 18

  • I think hairy is kinda a turn on, even is this culture is a huge taboo

  • All natural is super nice... If it's gonna be trimmed, I want to see some customization!. If you are gonna go bald, then when it's time to get busy, it better be freshly shaven, stubble down there is just horrible!

  • Bald all the way every day!

  • It depends how kinky you are! Pubes are a big clue. No use being shaved unless you like to get creative. That said, I much prefer kinky women. To my mind: hairy beaver = church girl.

  • shaved. it just looks so much hotter without hair, nice and pink. not too fond of pubic hair-as-dental floss either.

  • Real men like beards, whether on the chin or pussy. Guys who like clean shaven girls are pedophiles and should be locked up.

    It is women who make other women shave, pathetic tribalism.

  • for me some arm hair is ok and the little yellow hairs it's just fine

  • Of course shaved, girls looks Awesome if they are BALD too.

  • Depends on the body part and how hairy the woman is. I love a full bush on a woman. Don't even trim. I'm pretty indifferent to underarm hair. As far as legs, I could go either way. If she looks like a man below the thighs, then probably shave. If leg hair is pretty thin then I don't mind unshaved legs. I just like to be able to see as much skin as possible on legs.

  • i want as much hair as you can get down there personally

  • idk...dependws what you look like...msn me..snoboardrocker@hotmail.com...or snoboardrocker11@aol.com

  • It's dependent on the guy. I prefer she be trimmed or shaved. I don't want to "deal" with the hair.

    • Oh but we have to deal with the jungle between your legs, i don't think so.

    • I never said I wouldn't trim or something if asked. I said what I liked.

    • Kiki-baby, just like some girls shave/trim and some don't, some guys shave. Some don't. The original question asked what guys liked, he stated what he liked.

  • Trimmed. Shaved is nice sometimes, but it can make a girl look less mature.

    Most girls don't like guys who are very hairy because it interferes with certain acts--it's the same for a female.

  • I've answered this one before; definitely shaved!

  • You should always keep hair down there. It´s enaugh with shaving your legs and armpits, of course. And never use raizor. If your bush is totally covered by your underwear&bikini, then, it´s fine. After all, no one else (except you) is going to see you private places unless you like nudism or something like that. So, don´t follow that stupid fashion of shaving all your pubic hair. Men like real women, and women have hair, girls don´t. Other good reason is that hair really helps when having sex, because the friction decreases. And finally, it´s healthier because hair protects your vulva from infections.

    Women that keep their hair seem to me very sexy and decent. One, as male, thinks that she doesn´t show her private parts to everyone.

    Many people use to think that a shaved one is cleaner. That´s totally false. If the woman has poor hygiene, it will smell bad, no matter if there is hair or not.

    Hope this help you.

  • Each their own, majority will probably say trimmed or shaved. I prefer either but just not hairy.

  • I love women with full public hair. It makes the women look sexy down there. Of course, it must be well trimmed and cleaned regularly.

What Girls Said 1

  • As far as I know, every guy has a different preference. Some love hair, some don't. It depends on the guy.

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