Girls, do other girls ever try to 'pu$$y block' you?

With guys, sometimes douches will try to c*ck block you. but do girls do this to other girls too?

Describe a time when this happened.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Can't say that it has ever happened to me, but in retrospect I think I may have p*ssy blocked a girl I didn't even know. At the time she was totally infatuated with this guy I knew and we were all at the same party. I didn't know at the time she had been pressing hard that night to get together with the guy and I stepped in and took him to my place for a night of f*cking something we had done before. Had I realized at the time she wanted his penis that night I would have stayed away from him and hooked up elsewhere. I only found out later from friends what all had taken place that night.