Girls, do other girls ever try to 'pu$$y block' you?

With guys, sometimes douches will try to c*ck block you. but do girls do this to other girls too?

Describe a time when this happened.


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  • Can't say that it has ever happened to me, but in retrospect I think I may have p*ssy blocked a girl I didn't even know. At the time she was totally infatuated with this guy I knew and we were all at the same party. I didn't know at the time she had been pressing hard that night to get together with the guy and I stepped in and took him to my place for a night of f*cking something we had done before. Had I realized at the time she wanted his penis that night I would have stayed away from him and hooked up elsewhere. I only found out later from friends what all had taken place that night.


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  • There was a time in college when a guy pulled me over to dance with him. Granted he was drunk and a bit aggressive and my friend butted in and pulled me away so he wouldn't talk to me. I was also at a club and another guy was talking to me who was drunk and my friend just pulled me away from him mid sentence.

    I think with women, a p**** block is kind of a way for another woman to protect you from sleazy overly aggressive men. I guess if they are getting bad vibes and feel like a guy is pushing his boundaries then they'll step in. I personally won't even enter a club unless I know I have my girlfriends with me for protection.

    I've even had this happen to me when I was sitting on a bench at the mall and this weirdo guy was trying to ask me out. A woman who I never met before started inching closer to me and didn't move until the guy felt awkward and left. She then told me that she wasn't going to leave until the guy left me alone. That was real sweet of her.

    • Well, enjoy spinsterhood!

    • I'm just curious but what exactly made that guy a weirdo? Was it that he wasn't good looking and he was awkwardly trying to hit on you?

    • I guess the way he approached me was VERY strange and out of the blue. He didn't try to ask for my name or start a conversation. He just kind of creeped up very close to me without warning and said I was attractive and asked me out in 5 seconds. There was no hello, how are you, how's the weather..blah blah blah. It kind of reminded me of a zombie trying to attack its prey. And when I said no thank you...he just up and walked away just as strangely as he arrived.

  • Well in the long run it would have eventually been a "pu$$y block" my ex best friend always had to know that the guy interested in me was also interested in her. She figured if he liked me then he would like her since she was prettier.. she would flirt her ass off and then be like "I wouldn't hurt you like that". but to answer your question hell yes

  • My best friend does it all the time when my boyfriend and I try to be alone lately. Whenever we walk away or we're kissing or even trying to give each other a kiss, she's right there ready to do something lol

  • Yeah, it's happened to my twice by the same girl on one night. We were clubbing and she kept going for the guys I had pointed out as hot. She was pretty drunk though, and apologized the next day, but I felt like I had learned something bad about her...

  • Its waayy common.. at least around me and my friends... one of my best friends and I were at a party and our other friend was getting railed by this guy on a bean-bag and we started asking her math questions the entire time! another example being me and my boyfriend showed up to his buddies house who just so happens to be dating my other best friend and I walked up to the bed room window, banged on it and yelled "guess what honey I'm home!" they get pissed but its hilarious! and they generally do it back haha

    • railed as in f***ing in front of everyone?

  • not really unless the other girl likes the guy. Most of the time girls are respectful though I mean at least my friends are


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  • Ohhh p***y blocking is a whole different kettle of fish! Because women are more scheming and manipulative.

    The blocker will pretend that she is doing the blockee a favor, usually by making something up about the guy, "I've seen him around before [she hasn't]. He's a player/creep/got a girl pregnant/has crabs."

    • lol This is great and I think it's honestly true.

    • yep women take stuff like this to a whole new least when a guy does it it's perfectly clear lol

  • Women do that all the time. That's why they bad mouth all over women, but especially their friends, in front of you. They try to make them less attractive to you by all means available. When a girl is interested in you, all other girls become a threat that need to be dealt with, even preemptively. If any other women start to flirt with you it will lead to a nuclear strike. Girls can be very very nasty to each other when they compete for a guy.

    I realized how powerful that feeling is and now use it to my own advantage. Most girls are always being desired by a lot of guys, but the opposite is not true. Only a small fraction of guys are chased by girls. So it's amazingly powerful to have girls after you, it makes you an instant god, it's like the best aphrodisiac ever. And the best part is girls direct all their aggressivity toward p**** blocking the other women while being mega horny toward you.