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How far down do your balls hang?

in comparison to your penis..like how far down do your balls hang? me an my boyfriend send each other dirty pics and when he isn't hard..well his... Show More

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  • haha! I can't believe your question because it makes me laugh so hard! :-D How did you ever come up with that question? lol! ha! Anyway, I'm not always checking that out but I'd say if I'm like coming out of the shower when my body is warm and the air is warm it's about even. Maybe they hang a little further down than the end sometimes. lol! I think I'm pretty normal. :-]

    • Haha I'm glad I could make you laugh!

    • Me too cause I wasn't feeling that great before. Thanks! :-]

    • 28d

      No... My balls hang 10-12 cm in Normal..
      They r very strong balls , they helps to ball milking to my sister.. Yes I loved it & my sister is also love to milking my balls...
      It helps to grab them easy & pulling it & squeezing it...
      If u do that one time , u never forgot about this feeling... Its amazing.. :)

What Guys Said 7

  • I have Low hangers , they hang about 5 to 6 inches away from my body

  • Lol so you can feel the sweat from my balls

  • No.. Its normal.. My balls hang 10-12 cm..
    My balls r very strong , its very easy to grab them for squeezing & pulling...
    I love ball milking...
    Its felling amazing...

  • it's normal special if your cold it will be round and hard.

  • My dick hangs about 2 inches below my balls.

  • my penis hangs lower, unless it is very cold.

    • Penis hangs lower, that is

What Girls Said 3

  • my boyfriends balls hang lower than his penis when he is soft, but they are about the same when he's hard.

    • His Johnson hangs when he's erect???

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    • I don't know if I'd call it hanging, but some guys do point down when they are hard. I think that's probably what she meant.

    • Thanks gravygirl, it's exactly what I meant.

  • i think that's normal or else there wouldn't be that saying thing "saggy balls"

    but when I saw this q I just had to check it out! lmaoooo

  • i find it ironic that he was not hard while sending you pics...my boyfriend gets hard justing thinking about doing that. anyway...i think it is completely normal for them to hang lower while he is flacid as compared to when he is erect. no worries.

    • My boyfriend says his penis is shy an gets soft when he brings out the camera lol

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