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How do I get my girlfriend to spank me?

We make out all the time, I just want her to put me over her knee and spank my bottom.I don't know if this is weird, but any suggestions?

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  • Give her a wooden school paddle and ask her to spank you on the bottom with it. Most girls including me get very aroused by spanking a man.

  • when your making out, say something like,"______, I've been bad. I think you need to punish me"and when she asks how, tell her you think she should spank you.:D :D :D

    • Looks like someone is experienced in this type of foreplay. dun dun. DUN.

  • tell her.

  • uhhhhhh... I am not too sure.. hahhauhm maybe bring up a topic of weird kinky stuff she likes.. then you tell her you like that and she will do it?

What Guys Said 4

  • It's not weird. There are lots of boy bottoms out there. You might find a video and see how she reacts. Shadow Lane is a spanking video studio with some nice stuff.

  • just get a conversation going about your different fantasies and so tell her yours

  • Just ask her too. she probably will do it if you want her too