Can you refuse pap smears?

I'm 21 and just became sexually active early this year. pelvic exams are unbearable due to another medical issue I have (endometriosis) so I have on my records to not do pelvic exams. my yearly exam schedule is in a few weeks but I don't want to do a pap. can you refuse them? this is the first time I ever needed one due to my age guideline and the fact that I'm having sex

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  • You can refuse. There may be issues with insurance or whatever, but they can't force you to have a pelvic exam in order to have the other parts of a physical exam. That said, it is just plain stupid to avoid pelvic exams, especially if you are sexually active. Even if you believe your partner when he says he is clean and doesn't cheat, etc.. Reread how #whattothink responded to you. There are ways to do them and reduce the pain and/or fear. So often I hear people saying why can't they find a cure for such-and-such. Until they do find more cures, people have simple ways to avoid getting some diseases and catching things early when they do get them. So when you find yourself in the situation of the girl #whattothink mentioned, don't complain that life cheated you. You have the tools now.

    • lol I don't complain about anything. I am fully aware of the consequences and if I am ever faced with the consequence I will take it from there

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    • My last was to the QA, not whattothink.

    • actually a physician by law cannot force anyone to take treatment or medical practices even if its life saving. on my record I have no blood under any and all circumstances inlcuding possible death. I wasn't sure if I could refuse paps but you can. thanks for answering red arrow and whattothink