Naked picture addiction.

i have this addiction to sending guys naked pictures of my body/parts. I don't really mind it because the first time I did it I said it'd be my last. and it obviously wasn't. guys like least I think I'm well liked if I assert myself with meeting and talking to guys. and even if I do send the pictures, I can't tell if they were complimenting me to see more? or if they really meant it, and I use to be so insecure about sending. now it's like a drug that I can't stop! it pains me because I'm stupid enough to take them and be used by guys. help.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Part of problem might just be the fact that you are seeing this as such a dirty thing. You want to/enjoy/aren't opposed to doing this but you FEEL like you should be against it so you turn it into this dramatic "I can't stop!" situation. Instead of tearing yourself up over the idea of it being this horrible thing that you can't stop doing, just accept that you enjoy it and that it's your choice and move on from there.

    Simplify it to this:

    If you enjoy doing it, then do it. If you are feeling like the guys are using you (and you aren't enjoying it as a result), then don't send the pictures.

    There's no need to wonder. There's no need to feel guilty or used. If you want to send a guy a picture, then send it. If you don't, then just don't respond (whether you send nude pictures or not, don't send them to pushy, unkind assholes). Seriously, you are never going to run out of guys who want to see you naked, so don't worry about pissing off the jerks.

    Seriously, I think that if you just say, "okay, I don't mind doing this" that you will get bored and stop long before you would if you treat it as some horrible addiction.

    Oh, and it wouldn't be honest to say that I wouldn't love to see some pictures of you too, so if you are enjoying yourself, send one to (and as I said before, if you feel uncomfortable about it, then don't give it a second thought. Just forget it and move on.)

    *One other note. I do think that it's funny that Pixel has offered his extended counseling services to help you avoid people who want to see your pictures (which, of course include THREE methods of sending naked pictur---er, I mean three methods of CONTACTING him). Comical.