Naked picture addiction.

i have this addiction to sending guys naked pictures of my body/parts. I don't really mind it because the first time I did it I said it'd be my last. and it obviously wasn't. guys like least I think I'm well liked if I assert myself with meeting and talking to guys. and even if I do send the pictures, I can't tell if they were complimenting me to see more? or if they really meant it, and I use to be so insecure about sending. now it's like a drug that I can't stop! it pains me because I'm stupid enough to take them and be used by guys. help.


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  • Part of problem might just be the fact that you are seeing this as such a dirty thing. You want to/enjoy/aren't opposed to doing this but you FEEL like you should be against it so you turn it into this dramatic "I can't stop!" situation. Instead of tearing yourself up over the idea of it being this horrible thing that you can't stop doing, just accept that you enjoy it and that it's your choice and move on from there.

    Simplify it to this:

    If you enjoy doing it, then do it. If you are feeling like the guys are using you (and you aren't enjoying it as a result), then don't send the pictures.

    There's no need to wonder. There's no need to feel guilty or used. If you want to send a guy a picture, then send it. If you don't, then just don't respond (whether you send nude pictures or not, don't send them to pushy, unkind assholes). Seriously, you are never going to run out of guys who want to see you naked, so don't worry about pissing off the jerks.

    Seriously, I think that if you just say, "okay, I don't mind doing this" that you will get bored and stop long before you would if you treat it as some horrible addiction.

    Oh, and it wouldn't be honest to say that I wouldn't love to see some pictures of you too, so if you are enjoying yourself, send one to (and as I said before, if you feel uncomfortable about it, then don't give it a second thought. Just forget it and move on.)

    *One other note. I do think that it's funny that Pixel has offered his extended counseling services to help you avoid people who want to see your pictures (which, of course include THREE methods of sending naked pictur---er, I mean three methods of CONTACTING him). Comical.


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  • There's a good chance they like your boobs no matter who you are.

    If you can see your hip bones, they like your bod. Even if you can't, if you're still skinnier than 80-90% of women you're probably good enough.

    Keep in mind that being liked for naked photos only lasts so long.

    Keep fooling around and you might destroy your future by getting pregnant. Even if guys don't, Jesus might still love you, if you repent or something. I'm not sure how it works.

    • The really sad thing is that I'm a Christian too.

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    • I had no idea, you continue to amaze us all with your wits. Please, keep going.

    • Maxfield, pregnancy is not a destroyer of futures, what is though is behavior. If she does end up pregnant she might surprise us all and she might own up to her responsibility that she created out of such behavior, and of course whatever deuschbag knocks her up will ignore his responsibilities. Nothing good comes out of this, but in the end the men eho egg her on to continue to send naked pics of herself will just use her and then they will tire of her pics and move on to other women.

  • send one to me!

    no I'm kidding I don't want one

    but get a phone with no camera and get rid of your camera?

    • Hah. I'm a teenager do you actually think I would do that? (: I really try to say no but they are too pushy and I'm afraid they won't like me.

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    • Agh yeah I know that. and I really can't tell if their using me or not. I'm not looking to do stuff with them even though when they suggest it I go mhm. or yeah okay. or say something jokingly. I mean I think guys could like me if I was more assertive but I'm really shy and don't talk to many hot guys so I try to hold on to them.

    • There's like a million and one other "hot guys"

      you can try to talk to

      there are "hot guys" who are also shy... a simple

      smile and a "hey" or something can go a long way(?)

      odds are if they keep asking for pictures

      they are just using you

  • Oh how I wish I knew more girls like this in high school ... :::sigh:::

    It sounds like you have self esteem issues. At least that's my guess, and you're using these pictures of yourself as a way to boost that deficit. That or it's a fetish.

    In either case, just be careful who you send em to.

  • Well then... I have a phone and I like naked pics;)

  • I know how you feel. I love it when girls ask to see me naked. If you feel inclined, I'll trade with you, and no I'll never show anyone your pics.

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  • the problem with this is that a guy doesn't get to know you for you, they get to know your body...It may come back to haunt you in the end because those pictures may circulate farther then you want them too...I know its hard to stop doing something once it becomes a habit, but you have to tell your self that your worth more then just naked pictures and that you love yourself more then that

  • Are you addicted to the positive male attention?

    You are more than the sum of your body parts. Know that and own it. My guess is you are a beautiful girl with a beautiful mind. Men and boys drool over your body, but respect and adore it when it comes with your spirit and mind.

    • This answer rings true on so many points. Thank you for posting this. We all want attention and sometimes whatever it takes to get it is what we do. (Yeah, I remember the high school days walking around in muscle shirts hoping girls would give me a look over so to speak. Kind of silly now when I think about it, but we all want to be desired).

  • The urge to send strangers naked pictures of you is not normal. It is a symptom of something that you are lacking in your life. You feel "used" for a reason, and that reason is that these men are in effect, "using you". They don't care about you, they only care that they get one more fresh image that they can masturbate to and fantasize about. Many responded to your cry for help on this site, but only to ill advise you. Listen to your gut instinct, you feel bad about it and you feel used because that is what is truly being done to you when you send men naked pictures. You can always feel the truth at the core of your being, don't ignore it.