Why do guys love disgusting whores over decent girls who actually have things going for them?

So basically I was talking to this guy his name was Nick, I think I mentioned him in previous posts we hung out and hooked up and I really liked him and thought it was going somewhere until we just stopped talking. It was so odd how it ended, I mean it never really ended he just stopped texting and I stopped trying to contact him. I had him on FB and I saw his statuses and stuff I knew that he was in the process of getting a job and getting his license (it's kind of embarrassing if you think about it, he is 23 with a 4 year old and he didn't work or have a license due to his probation). Well I see him on his FB talking to some slut and I was like, whatever he is always talking to sluts... go figure. I went on this girls page and looked at her, first of all she is one of the ugliest people I have ever seen, she lives in the slummiest area in our county AND she has a kid! She is like 20 with a 2 year old.. so it obviously means she's a stupid whore who couldn't keep her legs closed or use a condom why would he be attracted to such trash? Let me just say I am 21, graduating college in a year, going to law school, like I have a lot going for me why would he pick trash over class?

I honest to God hope that he gives her an STD, I just got tested (I try to make it a habit to get tested after ending a sexual relationship) and part of me hopes he gave me some simple STD like chlamydia just so I know that he will give it to her and I would never tell him! I also have considered the fact that he is on probation and I know he smokes pot, I know where he keeps it I know people on probation shouldn't smoke pot, and I wonder who I could tell and what would happen to him. There is so much stuff that I want to do, I know where he lives I know his car. he just bought his car and I know that cars with sugar in the tank don't run, and he doesn't have the money to buy a new one.. I hate him I hope that everything bad in life happens to him. I did finally delete him from my phone and FB, and I met a new guy who likes me and I like him so I guess we will see.


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  • First off you need to know that his choice was nothing personal over you. He is young and has no idea what he wants or what is best for him. Most likely he knows how much you have going for yourself and can't see how he would fit in to your world. By going out with a lesser woman he can be more comfortable about himself and not feel like a complete looser. You will run into several of these guys though out your life but you will also find a guy that is on your level and everything will be as it should. Have you ever noticed a successful actress or CEO marry a man of less than equal stature, if you have I bet they got divorced. The reason is that we all need to find our equal, if not things will never work out. Good Luck and don't get so mad about other peoples dumb decisions.

    • Thanks I guess I never thought of that.

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  • It's not that guys love disgusting whores, you just have particularly poor taste in men. For starters, try looking for a guy who a) has a job, b) has a license, and c) is not on probation for committing a crime.

    Ironically, you call her a whore for having a child when she was 18 and basically called him an idiot for being attracted to her, yet your attracted to a man who had a child when he was 19.

    And now you want to ruin his life because he didn't want to have a relationship with you.

    You may be going to law school, but you're not even close to being a decent girl with a lot going for you. A decent girl wouldn't wish an std on someone, and a decent girl wouldn't try to ruin a man's life because he chose someone else, especially when he has a 4 year old child. Whatever you do to him will affect his child as well.

    Pretty much all the guys I know would love to have a classy girlfriend, myself included.

    • His child isn't my problem first of all, I'm not that kids mom. He should have thought of all of that before he decided to screw me over. I think you can look at my credentials and see that I have much more going for me than being a teen mom slut.

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    • I'm not white but thanks!

      Actually I can say whatever the f*** I want and I don't give a sh*t about your opinion (how's that for language), yes maintaining a 3.7 GPA, interning in a courthouse, interning with Planned Parenthood, and graduating college are not credentials ha ha RIGHT! I treat people who MATTER great but if you are a worthless piece of sh*t like this whore girl don't expect me to treat you well.

    • Oh and if you don't like what I have to say too f***ing bad.

      If I wouldn't have gotten such bull sh*t responses (like this one) maybe I wouldn't feel the need to say what I have said. I did get quite a few great ones but idiots like you and that **** girl ruin it.

  • Personally, I cannot stand disgusting wh*res. I like a girl who is loyal, compassionate, intelligent, funny, beautiful, ambitious and ethical. If your the kinda girl who hangs out in leather boots on street corners, tries taking money out of an ATM with a credit card, values sex above all else and/ or donte believe cheating is bad, stay at least 1000 miles away from me. Sex is ala great supplement to a relationship but is not THE relationship. Wish the majority of my generation would realize this.

    • I wish our generation was more like you.

    • Same here jmr, classy beats trashy any day :)

  • Men don't like women that make hasty generalizations as a reaction to the actions of one man ;)

    • I mean it's pretty obvious that men prefer trash, all I have to do is go to the mall and see that. I would like to not generalize ALL men but someone should prove me wrong, I am 21 and have been dating since I was 15-16 and in the 5-6 years I have witnessed it. Prove me wrong and I won't generalize.

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    • Maybe the trashy girl was interested in deductive and inductive reasoning and arguments ;)

    • Maybe she should have reasoned keeping her legs closed.

  • are we a bit angry? maybe chill a bit and we discuss then. Anything said now would likely make you more angry. OK?

    • I will always be angry when I think of this situation lol you may as well say what you need to say.

  • Wow, you are very judgmental. I don't think her having a child and living in a bad neighborhood makes her a whore. Also, what makes you think some other girl out there isn't thinking the same thing about you for sleeping with this loser?

    • Any girl thinking this about me can look at my credentials and see why I'm not trash.

      This girl is a f***ing piece of sh*t whorebag and it's not up for debate.

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    • Yeah I was f***ing fool at the point obviously.

    • Well, whatever. Men don't stay with whores anyway, they have sex with them and then leave to go find a decent girl. Works out in the long run.

  • Not me.

  • sounds like you mad brah

    • I'm mad, I'm bitter, I'm jaded... f*** yeah

  • lol you f***ed him and get tested after f***ing each new guy, and you say you're a good girl? right kiddo. right

    • I like being responsible for my sexual health

    • being responsible is a good thing, but it doesn't make you a decent girl. it sounds to me like your just a slutty girl who's getting emotional over being passed over for a sexier slutty girl

    • A dirt bag slut with a baby is hotter than me? No sweetie.

      I'm not slutty at all actually

  • lol your such a hateful bitch its hilarious no wonder he stopped talking to you

    • Lol I'm honest and I'm talking to someone new now so f*** you

  • Whoa take it easy there tiger!

    Why do you keep putting this guy down if you liked him?

    Does this mean you like guys like this?

    • I don't like him anymore, the fact that he could just do this sh*t to me is f***ed up. Like who does that?

      I don't like piece of sh*t guys I just always manage to find them.

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    • Thanks. In all honesty I just talked to this new guy as he's so great I don't want to give him up yet. I can get through this.

    • If you need anything let me know

      Good luck with the new guy!

  • Hey, I want a disgusting whore who has things going for her! Nothing wrong with that.

    • That's sad.

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    • So being sexually responsible and not a whore is a character flaw? Ok

    • No, but judging people is... Its about wanting a girl who is sexually liberated v sexually conservative. You can be highly active and still responsible. My answer is in general, not specifically related to what he did. He's a douche, no getting around that...

  • Just calm down and forget about this dude...why would you want him?

  • sluts are OK 4 a quick bang but would always look 4 a good honest gal! bet they cud b just as fun xx

  • Lol, you can't come up with a decent argument so you block me and continue arguing anyways, I can already tell you're going to make an awesome lawyer. Are you going to curse out the judge when he overrules you as well?

    Once again you have demonstrated your complete inability to form a rational thought. You post on an internet forum, where the whole idea is to get different opinions from both genders, but when someone calls you on your BS, the best discussion you can muster is to curse them out.

    And for the record, your credentials aren't that impressive.

    • I don't have to curse anyone out, I choose to. And how pathetic is your life that you would go and make a new profile to spout such stupidity? You should find the nearest bridge and walk off of it :)

      If my credentials aren't impressive I would LOVE to know yours. What are you doing with your life beyond being on this site making numerous profiles like a f**?

    • I see why you're single lol get a life.

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  • Lets see...I didn't read your entire story, just so you know...but holy shnikies, do you sound bitter. Yes, men can be stupid and think with their d***s sometimes. Does this make them bad? No, this makes them guys. Guys are visual. And more often than not, the whores are more visually appealing, while the "better" girls are more modest and closed off. Guys in our age bracket (18-24) are just out of high school, and probably on their own with no parents around to stifle their wants. They want sex, cause, let's face it, they're guys and that's what they want. And those girls who practically have a "FREE SEX" sign pasted to their forehead, are going to attract these guys. It is your job to pick through these guys and find the good ones. Yes, this is the time when the nice guys come out on top!

    Also, you're no better than the whores since you hooked up with him. If you want a good man, you be a good woman. This Nick is not mature yet. Go find a good guy. And don't vent. It's not attractive.

    • I think after what I have been through I deserve a little venting session. I hooked up with him thinking it would lead to a relationship and I assumed we were just hooking up with each other (I know I was, I can't speak for him) it was wrong and bad reasoning but I wanted/ want a relationship.

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    • I think I definitely have a reason to cry and be sad and pissed off. Just because you are some prude frigid bitch don't get mad.

    • I am neither. I just got the relationship before I opened my legs. Don't hate 'cause I'm with a guy who actually loves me.

  • Yowza, bitter much? You've got the whole jilted lover thing going on. Listen, I know not only getting rejected hurts, but to get rejected for someone "less" than yourself is like a slap in the face. Been there, experienced that pain. But wishing spiteful things on him doesn't look good on you! STDs, exposing his pot stash, sugar in the car... I think you know better than this.

    This guy definitely does NOT sound like a winner (he's on probation for goodness sake), so count your blessings. You're off to much better possibilities out there in law school. So let go of that dead weight around your ankle that's holding you down. Take the high road, hold onto your self-respect and feel good about YOU!

    So to actually answer your question... DECENT guys fall for the decent girls. Crap guys fall for crap girls typically. And this guy does sound like a piece of crap.

    • The whole sugar in the tank thing would take too much effort on my part to be honest. But I get my test results back tomorrow and I swear if I have anything I am not telling him. I have no obligation to tell him, and to be honest I deleted all of his contact info so... If he is not smart enough to go get himself tested then that is his problem. But I totally agree, I can find someone better :) thanks

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    • All I'm saying is that teens shouldn't have sex, I lost my virginity at 21 ( I'm still 21) she obviously is an irresponsible person who couldn't keep her legs closed, maybe she is not a whore (whores get paid and I doubt anyone would pay to sleep with her.. She's not worth a f***ing penny) but a slut she is. I'm not going to get revenge on him, it's not worth it but I wish I could. Rising above it... I'll try. I hope he plays her too.

    • Her babys father cheated on her... Obviously she isn't worth crap I mean like honestly you can't even keep your baby's dad faithful. It's just ridiculous I should be happy I met a new guy and he seems genuine but 1. I'm scared and 2. He just isn't nick, I mean he is attractive but he's not as hot as nick. Nick was like the best I've ever had and I know as far as looks I'm not gonna get that again

  • I have a better question, why did you hook up with a guy who is obviously a player and just used you then get mad at the next girl he is about to play?

    • Because it wasn't supposed to be like that. I wanted a relationship, I still do. I thought he did too like I don't understand what happened?

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    • I mean he was such a nice guy, he said he would never do this.. Like I told him how afraid I was of being played and stuff and he was like "I would never do that, I'm not that kind of guy" what happened? Why did he do that? Why would a person intentionally hurt someone else's feelings with no regard.

    • The lies he tells and they way he acts, and it is all an act, is what makes him a player. No one would fall for it if he wasn't convincing. He does it because he doesn't care about other people. Maybe he is a sociopath or a narcissist or both. I'm sorry this happened to you but you are far from the only one he has done it too. I should have worded my question differently, I made it sound like he was obviously a player before he showed his true colors, I meant it's obvious now.

  • Bitter much? I don't see her as a dumb trash whore for having a child. I see her with respect for her hardship and bravery. It's not easy having a child afterall and she should be commended for that.

    But anyways, as I've quoted many times "That's the best revenge of all: happiness. Nothing drives people crazier than seeing someone have a good f***ing life."

    Stop worrying about him and her and worry about yourself.

    • I don't think opening your legs and slutting it up is respectable sorry. I mean where is the father of her child? She should be with him not whoring it up to whomever.

      Now that I deleted him how will he see how happy I am?

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    • :) I deleted him. I'm definitely going to try to move on. Thanks :)))

    • Woooooo good call girl! Good luck with everything =)

  • And in all your rantings and ravings, I don't really see you raining abuses on that scum of a guy. All I see is you ragging on the girl. What makes you think your so much better. #major queen bitch# right here. Get over it already. The guy wasn't worth a cent. Besides why did you give it up knowing he wasn't committed to you #smh#

    • Is this twitter? First of all it's a given that he is scum

  • So, you're calling the girl a whore for opening her legs and having a kid huh? Didn't you the same thing with this guy? Didn't you sleep with him?

    • I'm not pregnant and I'm 21

  • Because he knows her legs are always open and that she will open her mouth and legs and smoke with him without wanting a relationship. He knows you're the serious type and would probably want a relationship in the future. You're better than him. Keep that in mind.

    • I guess I never thought of it like that.

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    • This guy doesn't seem to be lookin for marriage so that's why. When men start looking for a wife, a woman they want to spend their life with, they'll know what to look for. (if they're smart enough). Right now, early 20s they still think they're teenagers so they're just looking for and easy hit and run. the time will come. For now just focus on being a top dog Lawyer and being able to support yourself. Men will always be there. Whether we like it or not.

    • :)