Why do guys love disgusting whores over decent girls who actually have things going for them?

So basically I was talking to this guy his name was Nick, I think I mentioned him in previous posts we hung out and hooked up and I really liked him and thought it was going somewhere until we just stopped talking. It was so odd how it ended, I mean it never really ended he just stopped texting and... Show More

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  • First off you need to know that his choice was nothing personal over you. He is young and has no idea what he wants or what is best for him. Most likely he knows how much you have going for yourself and can't see how he would fit in to your world. By going out with a lesser woman he can be more comfortable about himself and not feel like a complete looser. You will run into several of these guys though out your life but you will also find a guy that is on your level and everything will be as it should. Have you ever noticed a successful actress or CEO marry a man of less than equal stature, if you have I bet they got divorced. The reason is that we all need to find our equal, if not things will never work out. Good Luck and don't get so mad about other peoples dumb decisions.

    • Thanks I guess I never thought of that.