Do young male teachers ever get attracted to their female students?

I'm purely just curious. Male teachers in their 20's, 30's, and 40's. Not attracted as in date, but if they see cleavage, a short skirt, a perfect body (in their eyes) or a thong strap do they get attracted? Sometimes the boys in school do when they see those things, but what do the teachers think?


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  • Of course they get attracted. But it's like when your best friend is dating a girl you find really hot. Are you attracted? Sure. Do you do anything about it? Absolutely not, because acting on your attraction would be foolish and catastrophic. So you exercise restraint, and avoid potentially compromising situations.

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  • A strong man knows how to control his urges and how his thinking is directed. Problem is, with all the porn, promiscuity and bad marriages, men are under assault toward having sexual thoughts. Young girls in revealing clothes is just another part of that and, let's face it, a teaching situation can be up close and personal.But, a good man and a good teacher will know how to draw the line. There are just fewer and fewer of them.

  • of course they do.

  • i definitely think they dothere's a lot of pervert teachers in my schoollike if you show some cleavage than you will probably get a good grade but to answer your question yes

    • Thanks bro I'll give all of them the memoyou just saved this generation

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  • okay my student teacher (23?) had kind of a big thing for started with talking after class and then after school and then online/texting...he talked to me drunk a few times, and he told me (while sober) his girlfriend was jealous of me because I was young (16), smart, and gorgeous (she had met me...that was awkward). he never tried anything, but we hugged a few times...and I often caught him looking at me, especially when I wore low shirts. so to answer your question, I think so.the weirdest part was I was mildly attracted to him...

  • my academic adviser (college) sometimes acts like he finds me attractive. just the way he looks at me is different then what you would expect from someone in his position. most of the time I think I imagine it, because I analyze EVERYTHING...just who I am, but this I just feel in my gut. ya know?

  • that's a VERY good question, I've always wonderedthat; I'm gonna watch and see what they say!