Why do guys want us to act like sluts in bed?

I think it's degrading and slutty to do things like oral sex, anal sex, positions like dog style, role play, rough sex, ejaculating all over her body (very disrespectful and gross), sex in random and not romantic places like a car or shower, spitting for lube, copying what you see in p*rn, making her watch p*rn and my list goes on... guys want to use us like their own personal sex doll. Its wrong.What's wrong with romantic sex ?


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  • Guys watch too much p*rn. They think they should behave like a p*rno movie.Porn movies are more harmful than useful. I agree that sex should be romantic and guys should pay more attention to the girl's needs.

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      Did you even read what she wrote? She's saying that doggie style, oral sex, role play, and things like shower sex are all sluttly

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      This is what you get when you worship women.