Girls when did you first taste a guys sperm?

and how was it? liked it ?

wanted to have it another time? or didn't like it?


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  • I was giving a guy a handjob and then I was like hmmm I wanna taste it because I was curious. It really just tasted like nothing to me. I wouldn't say I liked it so much that I'd order a sperm ice cream but it's not like I'd refuse to taste it again. I'm feeling rather neutral about it.

    • Maybe I'm the odd one here, seems most girls on here like cum. So did you just lick it off your hand or his penis?

    • Licked it off...his...thing.

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  • My first time was the first time I gave a blowjob. It was fine... good enough to keep doing it til now, lol :o)

  • The first time I tasted come I'll almost made me puke! I think it's an acquired taste because I absolutely LOVE it now! Nothing like watching a guy's eyes roll back in his head as he's watching you swallow his c** and moaning.

  • Weird at first. I needed a swig of soda afterward to get rid of the taste. My current boyfriend has delicious semen though, and I eat it all up no problem.

  • the first time I had a guy come in my mouth was ok... it didn't taste bad but the second time I did it it was very bitter and I didn't like it... afterward I learned it depends on a guys diet... but overall I like it

  • When I was 17, and it was OK, slightly salty lol. But it wasn't bad or anything, I've happily swallowed it ever since! I love to do it just because my boyfriend loves me doing it tho, not because I crave the taste ha ha

  • i was 22, the guy I lost my virginity to, luckily he tasted great!

  • it didn't really taste good or bad but I would do it again

  • We don't really do it for the taste, you do know...


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