What do you like in a lap dance?

my boyfriend want me to give him a lap dance/ strip tease. I know I want it to end in sex but I have no idea how to get there.Any tips/moves/personal experiences are appreciated. Even if she wasn't giving you an actual lap dance what are some sexy things she did that I can do? thanks:)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Since I'm a former strip club addict you have asked me the right question lmao. Your biggest asset is confidence, if you act like (and believe) you're the hottest thing this guy has ever seen you will be the hottest thing he has seen. So be confident, don't be thinking of that mole you hate or the cellulite you might have in a certain position, he isn't looking at that sh*t lol. Always smile, move your body (hard to describe so you'll have to watch some lap dance movies), breath on his neck when you're face to face on him as you grind your thigh and knee over his balls lol. Sit on him facing him and rub your boobs across his face and rock your hips back and forth dry humping him. Then turn around and sit on his lap reverse cow girl and lean backwards so your back is on his tummy and chest then you put an arm behind his head and again breath on his neck and rock your hips on him dry humping. basically a lap dance is wiggling your butt cheeks and p**** on his pubic area. You don't want him to come though since a lap dance is a tease so when you sense he is getting really tense and hard switch it up and get yourself off his lap stand on the couch so your p**** is at his head height and rub it in his face so he gets high on your smell. After a minute of that go back to grinding on his lap and repeat. Of course for a proper lap dance he should be sitting in the middle of a couch with his hands at his sides not allowed to touch you.