Do girls enjoy being eaten out?

I was wondering if girls enjoyed being eaten out. In my experience they have, but a friend of mine said that he talked to girls and that they said they thought it was gross. So, what do girls really think about getting eaten out?

I've heard the alphabet suggestion. Are there any other suggestions for eating a girl out?


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  • It is all about the guy. It's awkward or not fun if he doesn't know how to do it- but when it's done right, it's truly heavenly. If your not sure how you feel about it, try it out - preferably with someone who knows how to do it. My boyfriend said he licks me like he's spelling out the alphabet on me - it works!

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  • omg I looooove it!

  • I find it nasty but I have let my boyfriend before but I didn't find it enjoyable so really I leave it up to the guy if I trust them enough and they want to then fine

  • if you have him flick his tounge on your clit it feels amazing! if he goes deep and flicks his tounge!

  • I love it. As long as he knows what he is doing, and he does might I add, lol. But yeah and the guy has to enjoy it too or then it is just akward..

  • i didn't used to, until one guy really did it right and now I love it!

    just make sure you do it right

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  • In my experience, a lot of girls find the *concept* of a guy eating them out a little weird, but they never seem to mind having it happen. Essentially, they say that if they were a guy, they think they would definitely not eat a girl out. But when a guy eats them out, they don't get grossed out really, since it's not them that is doing it, the guy doesn't mind, and they like how it feels.

    But that's just what I've been told.

  • I would think most women would enjoy it as long as it is done correctly.

  • I love eating women out, it's always been my biggest fetish. For the guys out there that want advice, you have to love it and really feel for it! ;)

  • learn the physiology of the Vagina. You'd be surprised as to what to know.

  • I agree with the last two girls. I know a close girl friend of mine that didn't like it but completely changed her mind when a guy that knew what he was doing brought her to an orgasm she thought she could never have. He had been constantly after her to do it, and when he finally got the chance, she thought he'd never stop. Since then he's done it numerous time to her.

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