Nicknames for your significant other?

What are some cute names that you call your boyfriend or girlfriend?

My boyfriend calls me his little bunny! Haha


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  • damn I forgot what I called my ex's, but I remember a few.

    Snack cakes

    Smiley crayon

    haha I know I'm creative :D

What Guys Said 3

  • I call her Fluffy and she calls me Scruffy..(:(:(:

  • I used to call her "my butterfly", until she flew away. =P

    • Awh! :(

  • i'd call her baby over text.

    call her a cutie in person, called her my baby in person, and idk, depends on the girl, what I like about her and stuff.

What Girls Said 3

  • Deary.

  • My boyfriend calls me Cupcake, sweetie, pumpkin, dear, baby, honey

    I call him different variations and nicknames of his name, along with Hot stuff, Hun, dear, etc

  • I call him 'Sweets' - That's it.