Why do girls give me rim jobs?

I can't figure out why do girls recently have been wanting to lick my ass? Do they think I'm gay or something? They'll start with the BJ, then to the balls...then, as if it's standard procedure, venture down to my ass! I'm not really complaining, but its happened 3 or so times in the past year. What's up with that?


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  • I have had that done by two women in my life. It feels great.

    I think that it's because you see rimjobs done a lot more in p*rn nowadays as if it's a normal thing. It is becoming a lot more common because of the influence of p*rn. It's basically the new blowjob. Sad, but it feels good. You're probably good looking, as am I.

    I think that in the next 20 years, rimjobs become the new normal. I mean, most women will give you a blowjob on the first date in this generation. That is very common. Women are only going to get nastier and dirtier.

    I think it's a horrible trend though. I wouldn't do it to a woman (unless she was a 9 or a 10 with a squeeky clean butthole. It makes me wonder how many diseases are being caught and spread around by harmful bacteria in that area.

    Some women will even do it whether it's clean or not! I don't even understand that!!! I always clean my ass in the shower anyway, and always shower before sex so it's not as bad.


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  • girls know that it feels good so they want to share the wealth so to speak ha. If you don't like it then tell her if she starts to otherwise I would suggest you let her go cause not a lot of girls like giving them (:

  • weird...i've never done it and I would never do it unless my boyfriend who I love really wanted me to. its not something I would just do willingly every time I give a bj. I don't know why some girls do that without being asked, does it even feel that good?

    • To answer your question, yes, it does feel that good... I just wonder what makes them assume I'd want that done... like, is this a new trend or something? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining... it's great, and if you haven't had it done, I recommend you ask your bf, who you really love, to give you one... then see if he's ok with you giving him one..

  • I know girls who will do that to see if your gay, if you flinch but some girls are just nasty.


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  • It's generally an indication that she likes you.

  • That happened to me too. I mean, chicks just like putting there tongues in some guys asses.

    It depends on the guy though. If its a really chunky dude with hemorrhoids its unlikely.

  • Are you sure they were girls?

    • I'm not the other dude that asked about rimming...though I can see why you'd think that..