What the best way to go down on a woman?

What do women really like, in terms of technique. I mean, I think I am not bad... but I wanna hear this from the ladies as to what y'all really like.


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  • Kiss her lower abdomen first and the insides of her thighs. Tease her a bit and act like you are going to do more before you actually do. Then gently insert a finger in and slowly draw it in and out while licking her clit. Put some pressure on it, but not too hard. Lick up and down and side to side. You will know she is liking it by her reaction. LOL Just keep focusing on the clit, up close to the top, until she reaches an orgasm.


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  • Finger her at the same time, gradually moving your other hand to stimulate her other hole simultaneously in a slow, circular motion. But before you do that, you should use that free hand to slowly caress the outside of her lip (usually only one because it's just that one hand) with your thumb. Caress up and down the lip like you shouldn't be touching her there. Try your best not to be too slobbery because if everything is too wet then your caressing doesn't feel as naughty.

    When you're licking her, don't prod her with your tongue, be a good medium between soft and firm, and do so in the alphabetical letter that she best responds to. Good luck, and thanks for answering my question so diligently!

  • C'mon now, you need a REAL answer! Yeah slow is great, but for me at the top of the clit-go back and forth with your tongue kinda fast. Back and forth and the occasionally up and down, and small circles. ****chomp-chomp!****

  • For me when we get started I love when my man warms my oven up starts kissing and rubbing. No TEETH.. but gently kisses nipple...then neck......then makes he was down south SLOWLY. do it slow and deep then you will see what she will do

    • Thanks... especially for your advice on making sure to be slow...guys do tend to wanna move at light speed.

  • Well I love it when a guy takes control like mine one time he come over my house one weekend and my parents were away and we f***ed but he did everything I liked and what he liked at the same time I love when he eats me out and loves when I give him a blow job and then he just f***s me in the ass and the pussy so if your girl is wild then my answer is good for you but if she's tame sorry I don't have anything for ya.


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  • I think that what she likes would all depend on the woman that you are with. The best way to approach this situation is to seek some direction from your partner. Make sure she knows that providing direction as to what she enjoys is welcome, and that will allow you to please her as well as make you both feel closer while it is happening, after all you are doing it for her. :P

  • i personally like to lay the girl on her back for full comfort. then, I lift her legs and rest her ankles on my shoulders. ofcourse I wear a special scent to let her know who's the man. I start by licking and gently kissing the inside of her thighs giving her hints as to how I'm gonna eat her thing. the abdomen thing I haven't done (Which I will try). then I go for the girls glutes gently kissing and licking and light biting followed by sucking on the glutes. I go all out ! there isn't anything in that area that goes without getting teased, sucked,bitten and licked...yum yum...and yes guys like me actually taste and swallow the juice.