Anal play for straight men?

Laid, do any of your boyfriends like you to play with their a**holes when you're getting intimate or when you give them head? Straight men, do you like anal stimulation at all? Any tips or suggestions for anal play with my boyfriend?

I'm just curious about how common this is and what I can do to make it better for my guy.

P.s.- guys who haven't tried it might want to, my boyfriend absolutely loved it!


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  • I have done it to my boyfriend while going down on him and he LOVED it He was a little unsure at first but when I started massaging his prostate he got Rock hard and was moaning as I licked his head and rubbed his balls, after a few minutes he started to cu m it seemed like forever, just kept cu m min I couldn't swallow it all - I tried but it was So much it was runnin down my chin, he will do anything for me now LOL


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  • I'd skip it instead... that's not what it's for, if you ask me.

    But if your boyfriend likes it, then go for it, and I hope you'll get... better? at it.

    Man, I don't even know nor can imagine how that works, though I think ignorance is bliss.

  • never have never been interested never will be. just not appealing at all. I know what comes out of there and its not very attractive. there is nothing that can make it feel better than a sexy woman that knows whats up anyway.

  • Ehhh ill pass :s

    • Haha I don't blame you, I absolutely hate it myself. He likes it much more than I do.

    • Whatever floats his boat I guess haha

  • lick his ass and give him a hand job, he'll thanks you for the rest of his life lol

  • I love it finger, tongue, dildo, vibe

  • I would be very happy to never get involved with that

  • i agree with Jennifer2048 it all depends on the guy, personally not so much in the a**hole but better in between, the balls the the hole.

    it feels crazy good. :)

  • Um that sounds kinda weird to me (but I do know some guys are into it). I probably wouldn't be into it. If my girlfriend really wanted to for some odd reason and really insisted I might cave in but I doubt I'd enjoy it much.


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  • My guy likes it when I finger his ass while I am giving him a blow job. Not so much at first, but after I have him heated up a bit. Just start out slow and he will let you know if he likes it or not. Start with a wet finger rubbing the ring first. Then if he is OK, then ease a wet finger in to the first joint, then the next joint, and so on. Just don't spring it on him all at once.

    BTW, my guy is as manly and straight as they come, and he likes it.

    • I think all guys would like it If they give it a chance, cause I know I can drive em crazy doin that :)

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    • Oh wow... what a very lucky guy!

    • stop generalising, the vast majority of guys, regardless of sexuality, wouldn't even think of trying it, and over half of those who did try it didn't enjoy it, including my ex boyfriend who almost killed me for doing that to him lol

  • Completely normal for him to enjoy that. Guys can cum from anal play alone without any penis play. My boyfriend loves it. Guys who haven't even tried it are missing out. I'm not sure how common it is, because I'm sure most men don't willingly discuss that. And there is a free eBook called pleasure mechanics: the p spot or something like that (its been awhile since I've read it) that will give you a lot of info. But, if it's not something you enjoy too then why do it at all.

  • My guy loves it, he said it was the best orgasm he ever had when I gave him head with a vibe in his ass. He didn't like the idea of it at all when he was in his early 20's but now we are in our 30's we are a lot more relaxed about what we are ready to try. He is not scared of bring labeled as gay.