Girls sucking each others' breasts?

It seems like many girls/woman don't think it is any big deal to suck on another womans breast. Many who do it will say they are not gay and are into guys.

Straight girls, would you suck another womans breast or allow someone to suck yours?

Guys do you think a girl can be straight and allow another woman to suck on their breast or suck another girls breasts.


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  • They can definitely be straight and do that. girls are sexy and most can agree with that. It is much different than the other way around. GIrls can find other girls sexy and still be straight. (it doesn't work the same way for guys)... Do what you enjoy. there is no need to put labels on such things.

    • Thank you, I feel the same way. I have noticed that girls are really comfortable with each others bodies. I always get comments about how cute my shape is. I have also had other girls grab and squeeze my breasts. Anyhoo, I like my breast and especially my nipples, I realized recently that if another girl wanted to suck on them I wouldn't freak out.

    • For me it doesn't matter if it is a straight or bi thing. It is still pretty normal nonetheless. In my case, I prefer to date seriously with girls that like to suck other girls' boobs or let other girls suck their boobs.

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  • Sexuality for both men and women is an inverted bell curve, meaning that the vast majority of people are at one extreme or the other: homosexual or heterosexual. But for women, the population of people somewhere in the middle of the curve (some degree of bisexuality) is considerably higher than for men. In other words, a lot more women are "somewhere in between" than men.

    Plus, many women go through a phase, most typically around college age, but sometimes earlier or later, where they either question their sexuality or outright experiement with bisexuality. And like any phase, it's interesting for a while, but eventually they go back to being with a guy, having figured out that a man is what they actually prefer. So don't get too concerned if you know girls who experiment a bit; they'll usually get over it eventually.

  • Girls who do this usually only do it to get the guys going mad, as men love this stuff, but its not something I would like a girl of mine to perform, someone elses girl yes, but mine, it would make me very uncomfortable,x

    • exactly. Girls do it mostly to be "outrageous" and to either show off for the guys or to shock the other girls.

  • At a young age, many people experiment with their sexuality. Once they have passed through this phase, they pretty much fall into a category and do not wander out of it. Straight, gay, bi, or maybe asexual. But at this stage, straight people, even women (for those espousing women are more into sexuality) participate in the sexual activities of their category. In other words, straight women only enjoy heterosexual sexual activity. If they enjoy sexual activity with both genders, they are in the bi- category. And you are definitely beyond the young experimental age.

  • Depends on how much alcohol is involved.

    • What if no alcohol is involved and you just like the feeling of having your breasts sucked on?

  • I think they can do it and still be straight.


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  • I have several friends who like to experiment girl-on-girl and don't consider themselves bi. One of them explained it to me as a natural sexual curiosity that does not really reflect on a girl's orientation. I'm not sure if I agree with her. I'm straight and I don't really feel inclined to suck on breasts at all.

  • No, I wouldn't touch a girl in that way. Besides, they are a turn off.

  • im openly bi, and I've had a few staright girls ask to mess around with me. mainly theyre just curious what it would be like