Girls sucking each others' breasts?

It seems like many girls/woman don't think it is any big deal to suck on another womans breast. Many who do it will say they are not gay and are into... Show More

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  • They can definitely be straight and do that. girls are sexy and most can agree with that. It is much different than the other way around. GIrls can find other girls sexy and still be straight. (it doesn't work the same way for guys)... Do what you enjoy. there is no need to put labels on such things.

    • Thank you, I feel the same way. I have noticed that girls are really comfortable with each others bodies. I always get comments about how cute my shape is. I have also had other girls grab and squeeze my breasts. Anyhoo, I like my breast and especially my nipples, I realized recently that if another girl wanted to suck on them I wouldn't freak out.