Why do women like to be dominated/submissive during sex?

I don't mean this in a masochistic way, like bondage or anything.. I mean that every girl I have ever known likes sex to end up with them submitting to the man, with the man dominating them. You probably start slow, but no matter how sensual, at the end, the girl gets the most pleasure out of the man pounding away.

Why? Why is that so pleasurable for you? I know why I like to do it, but I want a women's explanation as to how this feels and why it feels so good.

I should clarify that I really mean more about the attitude and actions of the man, no so much how is f***ing her. No matter how you slow you may start, it seems that in the end, the women usually likes the man to "take her" and be in charge of her, possessing her body. Why/How is this so sexually satisfying for women? Why do they like submitting to a man during sex?


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  • Well, this sounds to be more about speed of sex than domination/submission.

    Slow and gentle feels great, so does fast and hard; but they're different types of stimulation. Slow and gentle will bring me to orgasm, but there's more of a build-up and it takes longer (but when I finally reach orgasm, it can be incredibly intense). Fast and hard provides more stimulation, so it brings me to orgasm faster.

    Slow, romantic sex is intense because I feel a greater emotional connection and I'm able to pay more attention to the "details" of how things feel. This is the type of sex that can feel so good that it brings me to literal tears. But fast, hard sex is more animalistic, and so it has a whole different feel to it. It's raw, and passionate in the sense that we lose control.

    I wouldn't say that one is more pleasurable than the other; they're different experiences and I love both.

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      Thanks for the great, detailed answer.