At what age do guys start to feel more secure about their penis?

Any difference between being it soft and hard with the way you feel about it?

ex. when it is hard, you feel it more manly.


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  • I think it's an elasticity problem. Call an economist. j/k

    Caucasians have a more elastic penis than other races, according to the Masters and Johnson studies. Which means ours stows away in a more compact package than most, and varies in size when soft more greatly dependent on temperature, but inflates as the 2nd largest tool in the competition. Unfortunately on average most white guys are about an inch shorter than the average black guy. So if your dude is racist, he's got millions of reminders walking around America every day. Maybe that's why racism is so bad in this country in the first place. hmmmm.

    Anyway, it's more an issue of point of view. You see, it looks smaller when you're looking down on it, but bigger if you're looking straight at it. So Ron Jeremy, if he could see past his belly, would look down at his penis, and then across the room at an average guy, and could feasibly think his was smaller. If he wasn't a p*rn star.

    Tell your man to look at it in a full body mirror, and shave his pubes. Lose a few pounds, and it will look longer too because the pubic mound will shrink back.

    I felt more secure about some time around 30, when I was divorced and women seemed to suddenly have no problems with flattering me about mine. Until a girl tells a man he's got a nice one, he'll always think it's inadequate in some way.

    • Interesting theory.

    • Yeah, just don't wait to hear him ask, "so what do you think?" when he pulls down his pants. Compliment it immediately. But don't let him get cocky. Pun intended.

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  • The day I lost my virginity I was no longer insecure about my penis.

    My d*** is my d***. I see it multiple times a day, whether its hard or soft, it doesn't make me feel more manly.

    • i always thought it makes you feel more manly...why do people use the term as part of their manhood then?

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    • that's great! makes you feel good all day :)

    • Not all day, but maybe until I get dressed lol. Dick size just isn't something that plays much of a role in my mood. I'm one of the few guys that realizes its really not that big of a deal and most women don't care all that much as long as you aren't like 3 inches. I know my d*** is fine and has given away many orgasms to some lucky ladies, so I don't need a confidence boost in that department, I already know now where I stand.

  • I don't think there is age. We don't necessarily start being insecure about it in first place. But perhaps when they realize that it does not matter that much. So probably when they go to college or start working. It sets in. I think.

    No difference at all. It's the same penis in different state.

  • It isn't a question of "age" being a factor in feeling secure about the size of our penis. It is more tied to experiences with women and how they relate to the size of the penis, and some women are uninhibited enough to comment on the size.

    I woman 'friend" said to me at dinner one time "You never know what you are going to get", and she said she had seen everything from 3 inches 8 inches, and everything in between.

    The "Short" answer is that some men will never be secure about their penis size, if it is in fact on the "small" size, since most, if not all men KNOW where their pens fits on the "Bell curve".

    A woman with 38" "C" cup breasts, is not going to feel insecure about their breasts around other women unless she is on a farm looking at a cow, and the same thing applies to a man who has a 4' x 5" penis, comparing himself to a 7 1/2" x 6" penis ! The smaller penis man is always going to feel Somewhat insecure...regardless of his age or experience.

    My opinion only

    Geeeze "C"...another penis question ?


  • I like to think my penis is pretty awesome! If it can would! LOL XD

  • I'm 24 and I feel real secure about my penis soft or hard. A year ago I became roommates will two of my female friends and since then I've became 100 secure with my penis I think its cause they've accidentally seen it so man times know its no big deal. We have one bathroom that we share and know ill even get in and out of the shower while they are doing there make up or hair. Just a few years ago I really started to work out and feel more confidence.

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