Do guys really come in their pants?

without being touched, I mean. just from being really really turned on? if so, how the hell could I turn a guy on to that level!


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  • As long as he had enough visual and/or mental stimulation with a little squeezing of this thighs against his penis he could come but it would take that little thigh pressure to finish him off. That's happened to me already. For me it'd take a girl to be dressed in a way that'd really tease me and be doing things that'd tease me even more. Like a girl with great legs in a short skirt or a girl with nice boobs wearing a tight top and then flaunting what they have by what they're doing... stuff like that. I'm talking about a girl you like, not just random girls.


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  • You can easily do it just by talking to him dirty and teasing him with a great mind-F***. Look but can't touch game. Egg him on as he get closer. He will come if you keep him from acting out! In fact, you might even like seeing him squirm.

  • I never have. That just isn't enough stimulation for me.

  • no I'm very sure this would not happen even at my peak its an impossibility same as girls, you've listened to the jizzed in my pants song haven't you...?

    • You are sooooo young my friend!. a man can come with visual/thought stimulation and the right place meant and pressure of the thighs and clothes. I regularly did this early on in my sexuality as an early teen with girls. The control factor was low and the teenage libido was sky high! A couple of embarrassing moments of a huge damp patch on my jeans. As you get older the control comes into play and actually is a great for personal stimulation!

    • But this is no contact at all just visual, audio etc ur talking a push or touch in the right place...

  • i never have

    i've had some pre-cum but not actual semen


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