My brother walked in on me giving head?

My older brother wasn't suppose to be home today and my parents are out of town so I thought the place was mine.We were in the kitchen and he walked in. This guy isn't my boyfriend but we have been spending a ton of time together. I don't even know what to do now. My brother just ran to his room after it happened.

He left for awhile to cool down and then he called me to see if I wanted to get dinner. He gave me a speech about being careful hooking up with guys who I wasn't in a committed relationship with. Then I told him I'm still a virgin; which is true so he was relieved to hear I wasn't a complete hoe. We are not that close and rarely talk so I think this situation actually brought us weirdly closer again. I think he felt bad because the only time he asks me to get dinner is after I screwed up.


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  • Odds are he was turned on because its wrong and assuming your an atractive girl so that wouldn't help yhe situation.he probly got the image of you stuck in his head...remember incest is more common than people think.but to act on those fantasys that's some freaky nasty sh*t that's totally wrong.

    • I think your dreaming from a p*rno...? He's 30 and I'm 19 definitely not as you imagined

    • Actually no that's a true fact that drives people into having an incest fetish.many people wany what they cqnt or shouldn't have.few of those people actually admit to wanting something they can't have

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  • Depending on your brothers age, you need to try and find out how your brother has taken it, ask him if he is OK and see what he says, explain you and this guy were fooling around, try and make it as less trivial as possible, its going to be hard but you need to be a friend right now towards your brother,x

  • All I am going to say is, sucks, but sh*t happens. Were you hooking up with a guy while you have a boyfriend? If so, might be time to have a talk with him. I wouldn't be concerned about your brother though.

  • I wouldn't worry about it unless your older brother is friends with your boyfriend or that your family is very religious.

    • Update: Well he knew what you were eating had little to no nutritional value. :)

  • Now it's time for the musical number, then your bland Incest story on Literotica :P

  • Give your brother a few minutes to find some Kleenex and get his belt buckled again. He may need to wash his hands, too.

    Talk to him. Don't pretend nothing happened. Tell him you thought you were going to be alone with your sperm donor (you said he wasn't a boyfriend, so I'm not sure how to refer to him)

  • just act as nothing happened.

    if he shud bring that up tell him you are a girl of age now and you hv your own desires.

  • pretend like nothing happened

    because the conversation will be awkward and guys don't like talking about this stuff with their sister

    with time everything between you and your brother will be back to normal

  • Give your brother a BJ so he won't tell your parents xD


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  • Just tell your brother you were giving him knowledge.
    Because of you , he now as a good head on his shoulders.
    He can use the brain he received to carry into everyday life.
    You only wanted to help him as an individual.

    There's nothing you can do.
    Don't talk about it.
    The embarassment will eventually wear off.

  • He's probably embarassed and disgusted (cuz you're his little sis) and he does not nor did he EVER want to see that or even know about it. Things may or may not be the same. I suppose it depends on the type of relationship you have with him. =/

  • Just say hey sorry - though no one was going to be here and see how he responds, probaly will say no big deal and drop it

  • Sorry this is funny. As long as you guys are mature, hopefully it doesn't devastate your brother but just apolygize for it I know you ment for no one to see that esp. him but it happened hopefully never again tell him to call next time j/k : )

    • Sounds like it was his home, too. Unreasonable to expect him to call ahead each time he comes home.

  • my bro has walked in on me a couple times. we're very open with each other, so he knows I'm active. sex is natural, so I wouldn't make a big deal out of it unless he does. and maybe pick a diff room next time, lol.

  • my bro has walked in on me with girls and guys. at first he was upset, but he knows I like to have fun, so its not a big deal now

  • What are you planning on saying to your brother?

  • Chances are it turned him on.