OK guys, my boyfriend wants to come in my face?

Seems kind of sick to me and I was wondering why that would be such a thrill.



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  • I'd suppose it could be a (kinky) way to humiliate you, to affirm his superiority, or to forget/compensate his feeling of inferiority. Or then it could be something he has seen in a pron-movie, just playing copycat.


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  • That's pretty gross! It's like he doesn't respect your face. Not great!

  • He's watching too many porno films where the girl gets paid to do that. There are plenty of other places for him to do that. What's wrong with on your boobs?

  • It's the sense of naughtiness for most guys. I've never been with a girl who'd let me do it, though a few girls let me come in their mouths. That's the extent of it. It's not a deal-breaker, honestly.

  • If you don't like it, he should try and respect that. I have never done it and I do not know why it would be so great but if he loves you he will respect what you want.


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  • Most guys like doing this for a little while until they realize that it doesn't feel as good as it looks in porn. It's no big deal. If I were you I'd let him do it just so he isn't left wondering. Keep your eyes closed and kleenex nearby and it'll be fine.

  • exactly what the 1st guy said. that's pretty gross. I don't know why guys like it so much. I knew a girl who it supposedly got in her eye and her eye swelled up and got all red. she looked like quazzy moto almost for a week. if it sounds gross to you, don't do it, its a little disrespectful

    • Lol you serious or is that just an URBAN LEGEND?

    • Nope serious she came into work the next day all swollen I seriously thought she had a horrible case of pink eye. she got made fun of forever..

  • hahahaha wait does he want to come IN your face or ON your face? hahahaha