Being sober when hooking up?

so I know a lot of girls who don't like to have sex when there sober and I find it really odd and sad.

They need to be either drunk or high but not sober and this is just really strange to me. do any of you ladies feel the same way?

why do they not like to have sex sober? are they just not into the people they f*** and need to be in a different mindset? or is it that there just that nervous about it?

to the people who can't read well I never said getting drunk and having sex is a bad thing I'm just asking a question for starters.

getting drunk and having sex is something everyone has or will do. what I'm wondering is why some of the girls I know only have sex while being drunk or high. from what I can tell they will not have sex sober and I am just curious about it.


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  • Ive only done it sober, and I've only had sex twice, with someone I love. The only way I will sleep with someone is if it is out of love not for fun. Clearly the girls you know are just stupid and insecure. Hooking up isn't even safe, I guess I'm the only person that fears STD's and HIV and AIDS that's just me.

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      i can assure you we fear that stuff too . the damages are irreversible no matter what medical development it at hand . that dude HIV is viscous

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      i have not done it nor will I do it.. so your wrong

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      Okay, then guys should not just sleep around like SOME of them do, its their choice... my choice is to stay clean unless I love someone which is very few and far between for me