Have you ever been skinny dipping?

Have you ever been skinny dipping?

If you have did who did you go with and what did you do in the water like sex or something bad?


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  • My cousin has a cottage up north on a lake. Every summer a bunch of us guys and girls will have a get together for a weekend. Every night we go down to the lake and go skinny dipping. We have fun and the last time we were up there I wound up hooking up and having sex with a friend of a friend. She was fun to be around and one night when we were all skinny dipping everyone had got out of the lake to go back to the cottage and we had stayed. We didn't waste any time and started making out which led into sex. We were in waste high water and she jumped up onto to me and we started having sex as I was still standing in the water. We didn't go into any other positions other than that one because it was really the only position that was most comfortable. After she had come I lifted her off of me so I could pull out, started jerking off and wound up cumming in the lake. That turned out to be another great weekend at the cottage.


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  • Though not very common in the urban and rural ares in this country (it is fairly common in tribal regions though), I've had my fair share of going skinny dipping right since college. it used to be with friends most time. Not sex always but yes there were times when for the thrill of it we've had sex while in the water. The underwater sex was most thrilling and I think it's the most awesome feeling to be in water open to sky (day or night - both have their own charm) <3 :D I won't call that bad though :)

  • Yes by a public waterfall in the lake it went into I was with a group and just stripped climbed up a rock and dove in everyone followed suit

    • No sex or playing in the water ever?

    • 3rd base type stuff but sex in water doesn't work well it ruins the natural lubrication

  • Yes.. I have been skinny dipping and it did lead to sex. I don't really enjoy sex in the pool or water because it prevents natural lubrication, and is not as much fun.

    • I love sex in the water

  • Ive got a hot tub on my back deck. Plenty of skinny dipping with my girlfriend. Fooling around touching kissing but no penetration as we don't want pool water in her vag

  • Yes. Sometimes with just an intimate friend. Sometimes with friends. Sometimes with hundreds (thousands?) of strangers (nude beaches). Sex only once. Not the best conditions for it.

    • Why don't you like it?

    • If you are referring to my last sentence, as others have said, water messes with natural lube, so sex in the water was not great.

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  • Quite frequently I go skinny dipping either at night here at our complex pool or friends pools during the daylight hours and we also visit remote areas of some of our beaches and go in the golf naked.

    Had some sex a few times over the years, but mostly just a bunch of us having naked fun. I swim naked all the time at a nudist resort I am fortunate enough to spend some time at.

  • I've been skinny dipping countless times..

    I've gone by myself.. with my friends.. with boyfriends..

    in the water.. some touching... but a few times, sex on the bank lol

    • hey sounds like me, ever been to 4 seasons resort ontario :)

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    • Did you get sand or dirt in you?

    • the bank is grassy.. and if I know ahead of time.. I brings a blanket

  • Skinny dipping is NOT sex in a pool. It's doing NORMAL pool/beach activity w/o anything on, and done in a setting of multiple people doing the skinny dipping (and I say it only counts if people of both sexes are participating). Make-out sessions/sex in a pool or on the beach do happen, but are not part of the "group" activity known as skinny dipping. And for the uniformed out there, a girl can have sex in the pool while her swimsuit is still on.

  • Used to do it all the time not so much lately. Some times alone other times with a friend sometimes nothing but swimming went on, other times I have been real bad in a good way.