Are black girls easy or DTF?

I am an intelligent black woman who gets asked out a lot. Lately however, its been more white men than anything. But it seems their first thing is to ask for sex or casual dating. Frankly I have had it. I am so tired of white men asking me just have sex its not even funny. So answer me this. Do you think black girls are easy? What's the deal? DTF = Down to f***


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  • Hell to the no.

    I've dated at least four black girls and married one for six years.

    Not only did I have to commit to all but one of them before getting anywhere (yes it was worth it, guys) but then I had to be a good boy, because as we all know from movies with Pam Greer in them, a Strong Black Woman is not afraid to kick your ass.

    Like, hey hubby, where you been? Out drinking with your buddies again? WHAM! POW! ZAP! BOOOM! Four quick fire jabs followed by a cast iron skillet.

    Well, okay, there weren't Bat Man visual effects and she spared me the frying pan.

    So no, it wasn't easy getting laid with any of the black women I've been with. Except for that one. And she's the one blowing it for the rest of you. If you'd like her name and number we can make an arrangement. ;-)

    • LOL too funny.

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    • Ok I see.

    • The other black girls I have been with were no different from white girls, more or less. Only idiot whites going for their first time and thinking it's some kind of taboo thrill will stereotype black women as easy.

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  • TBH, I have not heard that, maybe the opposite.

    But a lot of guys your age are going to look for sex immediately, or move on. So many women by 30 are having sex right away, these guys can get hookups if they want them, so they're not very interested in -stopping- having sex (which they are currently having) to have a 'relationship' without sex.

    • Well I don't date guys my age. I date men in their 40's

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    • By the Way what is TBH? Well I guess I will die alone cause I refuse to just give it up to some strange guy I don't know. Why aren't people STD conscious. That's really irresponsible in my book.

    • To be honest.

      Some people don't jump to sex fast, but a lot do. It has nothing to do with YOU or thinking you're particularly easy, they just try with everyone, and aren't interested in trying to develop more without sex.

      Some just enjoy the availability, some have been like that for decades, and some have come out of earlier relationships where sex incompatibility was a major issue, and are not willing to go down that path again.

  • Hard to really know...Chris Rock claims that black men are just dying to &&^% white wemon also, and that came right from him on one of his shows...

    Curiosity is the key.I think.

  • Think you know that I do not believe that...):

    • How would I know what you believe?

    • Think I know whoo you are and that we are friended...(:(:(:

    • hmmm if you we are send me a message then.

  • I am white and have been down with 5 black women. My impression is that it is more comfortably ingrained in your social culture and black women are more confident and less emotionally complex with it. Easier? Not as relates to interracial dating. Black on black? Yes. Look at your 70+% illegitimacy rate.


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  • From my experience, black girls are no more likely to put out than other races. Almost every race of guys has that bunch who swears women of "(insert race) are easy to get into bed."

    But I think it's more of a guy thing, as far as wanting casual sex. And because so many girls are willing to put out, guys may get the message that most girls are willing to, regardless of race or ethnic background.

    Of course, you may be running into white guys with a FETISH(not a preference, but fetish) for black women and that's unfortunate. A lot of Asian girls deal with that as far as dating white guys, where they just approach 'em with sexual intentions.

    • Really? I can see where a white guy might think of an Asian woman like that. Since they think its different. It seems so annoying though being judged because some moron thinks you are an exotic prize to possess.

  • I've noticed that *some* guys these days just don't want a relationship and I can see why, it is a lot of time and effort and sometimes isn't always smooth sailing where as sex is often just a fun one time thing and you'll probably never see that person again, yay! *eyeroll*

    I personally don't think any race of a woman is easier than the other it all just depends on the individual. Men might just get the feeling/idea you're easy from how you carry yourself.

    • But that's the thing. I don't dress provocatively. My boobs are huge and guys comment about that but as soon as I can get them reduce I will. Other than that, nothing. I don't show too much skin. I really don't wear skirts alot. Its just aggravating

    • Fair enough, perhaps it's just that these days for *most* guys it's much easier to creep.

  • there are whores in every race. but to be honest I do feel like black girls hold out a little longer then white girls do especially dealing with non black men. I don't know about you but my mom told me a couple of times to be careful of them white boys, meaning they just want to experiment and see what my flavor taste like. yes it is a guy thing to bang girls and move them aside for the next one but at least with a black guy I really don't have to worry about him not wanting to be in serious relationship because I'm black. it could be because of me or because he just doesn't want a girlfriend but my race mostly likely not especially when most black men marry black women anyway. but on the other hand I have heard white guys say I will bang a black chick but I wouldn't date one. and if they won't date one then marriage is definitely out of the question. you have to be careful of guys especially white guys. going back to white girls...i never heard of white guys running a train on black girls either. not saying it never happen. I have seen black guys bang a white girl out one after the other after the other on a mattress on the floor. and I heard a couple of times black guys running a train on white girls.

  • We are not easy at all, especially for guys outside of the race. Remember, how a man approaches you often has more to do with him than it has to do with you. If the guy has little to no respect for you, then he will treat you that way whether you've f***ed 500 men or none at all. As far as being easy, umm not trying to start a racial e-war here but um, it's easier for black men to run through entire groups of [insert other race] girls than it is for white guys to run through black girls. I'm just saying, I've never heard of white guys running trains on black girls like I have the opposite direction.

  • So you took your individual situation and applied it to all black women...Maybe you just look/behave easy or are meeting the wrong kind of men potentially in the wrong places.

    • If I were only talking from my situation it would be different. Even though I didn't say it my friends and some of my cousins are having similar issues. So yes I wanted to know there was that perception out there. Trust me I neither look or behave easy. hmmm. but it did get me thinking maybe its a challenge they are looking for.

  • All men are looking for girls to fool around with. I highly doubt it's because you're black haha. They most likely do it to girls of all races.