Are black girls easy or DTF?

I am an intelligent black woman who gets asked out a lot. Lately however, its been more white men than anything. But it seems their first thing is to ask for sex or casual dating. Frankly I have had it. I am so tired of white men asking me just have sex its not even funny. So answer me this. Do you think black girls are easy? What's the deal? DTF = Down to f***


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  • Hell to the no.

    I've dated at least four black girls and married one for six years.

    Not only did I have to commit to all but one of them before getting anywhere (yes it was worth it, guys) but then I had to be a good boy, because as we all know from movies with Pam Greer in them, a Strong Black Woman is not afraid to kick your ass.

    Like, hey hubby, where you been? Out drinking with your buddies again? WHAM! POW! ZAP! BOOOM! Four quick fire jabs followed by a cast iron skillet.

    Well, okay, there weren't Bat Man visual effects and she spared me the frying pan.

    So no, it wasn't easy getting laid with any of the black women I've been with. Except for that one. And she's the one blowing it for the rest of you. If you'd like her name and number we can make an arrangement. ;-)

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      LOL too funny.

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      Ok I see.

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      The other black girls I have been with were no different from white girls, more or less. Only idiot whites going for their first time and thinking it's some kind of taboo thrill will stereotype black women as easy.