How do women like to be spanked during sex...especially doggy style?

I have spanked women before during doggy style, but I really don't know what women like, how they like it done.

And, if a women likes be spanked, will they actually tell you and ask for it? Or, will they wait for you to do it or ask?

Any takers?

Ok, let me add WHY do you liked getting spanked?


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  • I like getting spank but not super hard and I ask for in the middle of it lol it just turns me on when my partner dose what I ask

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      Some women truly understand what kind of power they really hold over men. If a girl is into sex and asks (or better yet, begs) me do do things to her, I am super turned on, and I will do anything she asks.

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      I think I just now what I like and when I want it and how lol

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      Cuz it turns me on lol but just mainly during sex