How do women like to be spanked during sex...especially doggy style?

I have spanked women before during doggy style, but I really don't know what women like, how they like it done.

And, if a women likes be spanked, will they actually tell you and ask for it? Or, will they wait for you to do it or ask?

Any takers?

Ok, let me add WHY do you liked getting spanked?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I like getting spank but not super hard and I ask for in the middle of it lol it just turns me on when my partner dose what I ask

    • Some women truly understand what kind of power they really hold over men. If a girl is into sex and asks (or better yet, begs) me do do things to her, I am super turned on, and I will do anything she asks.

    • I think I just now what I like and when I want it and how lol

    • Cuz it turns me on lol but just mainly during sex

What Girls Said 6

  • It certainly is not near the top of my things to do while getting f*cked list for sure. Sometimes a little smacking on the ass can be fun while getting pounded hard, but this is nothing I want very often.

    For others it seems to be a big turn on and I am at a loss why! It is one of those things I would very easily consider demeaning and cruel. But that is just my opinion

    • OK, thanks. For sake of clarity, I don't mean too hard, like hurting her. Somewhere between a friendly spank and one that gets your attention is what I have been asked to do.

  • I love getting spanked! It makes me feel like he is extremely dominate! I love it and it makes everything more exciting. I think most of the time you just need to ask, "Do you need to be spanked naughty girl?" She'll say yes I'm sure and then spank away. Not super hard but a nice slap on that ass!

  • My boyfriend knows I love it so he teases me by not doing it until I literally beg for it and then he really goes for it. I end up with slap marks and everything. It's great. I love it. I don't know why I just love the feeling of it because I feel so naughty lol

  • I won't tell my guy this but yes, I like it. It just turns me on more, I don't know why.

    • So...why won't you tell him you like it?

  • yes I enjoy it lol. I do ask for it pretty much every time I have sex with my boyfriend. I like to be spanked in general actually, during foreplay, or even just cuddling ha ha doesn't have to be just during sex for me

    • I don't really know why, I guess cause it's sort of like a sense of being dominated maybe. sometimes I like it cause it gives me a sense that they like my butt or something lol

What Guys Said 1

  • Run your fingertips gently over her butt, soft and teasing, then slap her butt from behind (not the side or between the cheeks). Make sure to hit her butt where it is full (most fat) and don't go continuously. Make every single one an event. Start soft and adjust hardness by her reaction.