Girls, why do you love the balls so much?

why do you love the balls so much. I swear, my girlfriend is crazy for my balls or something lol.

if we cuddle, she holds them, for the sake of holding them, not to get me off or start me on anything. she loves licking them. she always talks about how great she thinks my balls are.

to be, it looks like an ugly, kind of saggy sack of something lol. so girls, what is so attractive about the balls and why do you like them?


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  • lol um, ask your girl why she likes them cause I don't really have that fetish. Now one of my boyfriends always insisted I suck and play with them so I did it for him. It became a habit though, wed be sitting watching t.v and I go in his pants and play with them. They are like titties I they are cold and a little interesting. but anyways if a guy doesn't mention his balls I am not going down there... My new man likes to eat out my ass!why?i don't freakin know, I never asked, he just loves to do it...ppl have weird fetishes. lol TMI?

    • YES! That's exactly how I feel! They're like t*ts, they are like fun little bags you can just play around with if you get bored but the ass, uhhh alright? lol

    • lol I know its weird right!but hey I don't judge.another guy loved sucking on my toes.i keep finding these weirdos fetish is necks.i love a smooth clear neck I can just ruin with my hickies =].and teeth lol I love straight white that's as weird as it gets for me!

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  • Aww, it's cute that she wants to be tender, loving, and affectionate with your balls in a non-sexual manner :)

    When she tickles them, do you laugh?

    Balls just look like fun bags. Us girls have breasts, which are a lot of fun to play with and jiggle if you're bored; you guys have balls.

  • The appearance of them aren't necessarily attractive.

    Like some of the other girls mentioned, it's basically something we don't have. Plus, they aer really sensitive.

    How does it feel to you & what do you think when she does it?

  • Balls are just sexy. I love how fragile they are like they just need protection and caring. Your girlfriend sounds a lot like me ;) I think I've found my fettish minx soul mate in your girlfriend :P lol

    what are you hinking when she just holds them? lol

  • She wants to Secretly castrate you .you'll all suddenly wake up in the morning and ... ...arghhhhh ! MY BALLS! MY BALLS!MY BALLS ...

  • I'm not crazily attracted to them, but they are a part of the human body that women don't have. Plus they're super sensitive with all the nerve endings down there and the sack is squishy. Nothing on our bodies feels like that. She's probably just curious since they're foreign to her. I'd appreciate the attention, if I were you. Not all girls are so willing to pay attention to them. Some women are just grossed out by them.

  • well I don't like them THAT much lol but it does sound like balls are your girlfriends fetish

  • Funny. Sounds like they are your girlfriends fetish.


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  • And you're complaining?

  • Balls to women are ugly and unattractive. Butt hey are there and men we have to deal with it. Balls, the fragility of testicles are the female advantage, so so not companion your are the superior gender for not having testicles.

  • to repeat another...

    And you're complaining?

  • Most girls don't like them