Girls, why do you love the balls so much?

why do you love the balls so much. I swear, my girlfriend is crazy for my balls or something lol. if we cuddle, she holds them, for the sake of... Show More

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  • lol um, ask your girl why she likes them cause I don't really have that fetish. Now one of my boyfriends always insisted I suck and play with them so I did it for him. It became a habit though, wed be sitting watching t.v and I go in his pants and play with them. They are like titties I they are cold and a little interesting. but anyways if a guy doesn't mention his balls I am not going down there... My new man likes to eat out my ass!why?i don't freakin know, I never asked, he just loves to do it...ppl have weird fetishes. lol TMI?

    • YES! That's exactly how I feel! They're like t*ts, they are like fun little bags you can just play around with if you get bored but the ass, uhhh alright? lol

    • lol I know its weird right!but hey I don't judge.another guy loved sucking on my toes.i keep finding these weirdos fetish is necks.i love a smooth clear neck I can just ruin with my hickies =].and teeth lol I love straight white that's as weird as it gets for me!