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Girls who like Speedos ,why don't you speak out?

We hear a lot about girls who hate guys wearing speedos.I have a slim figure and like wearing them,what's so bad about that?Would like to hear from... Show More

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  • I like speedos, but it has to be on a certain body type...Now a sexy swimmer like micheal phelps wearing a speedo is damn sexy, but a big ol' fat man with a buddha belly in a speedo is gag worthy

    • Haha def. got it all right here.

What Girls Said 6

  • I can't think of a situation outside of competitive swimming where a speedo would look at all normal. I worked at a pool in high school and we always laughed about the few guys that wore them. It was just so obvious that they really wanted everyone to see their package.

    • Is it wrong for a guy to want women to see his package? Don't get me wrong, I think my package should be private, but women wear skimpy suits to show themselves off.

    • I don't think it's wrong. I just don't think it fits in.

  • If a guy is scrawny, it makes him look even scrawnier and its very unattractive. If a guy is big, it makes him look bigger. If a guy has an amazingly hot muscular body, he may possibly be able to pull it off but unless a guy has the body of a god, he most definitely should not wear a speedo. Even if he does have an amazing body, its still more attractive to just wear a normal swimsuit. Don't wear a speedo...

  • I guess whenever I have seen a guy in a speedo he was wearing it to be funny... I probably wouldn't mind if an older, attractive and of course, fit man were to wear one. Don't regular or tournament swimmer men wear them too? so it wouldn't be all that odd, for me at least ;)

  • i find speedos almost normal since I was on a swim team with divers for awhile. but I do admit you gotta hav the right body type

  • I'm a swimmer; I barely notice them. I prefer guys to wear baggy drag suits over their speedos though, drag suits are hotttttt.

What Guys Said 3

  • Its completely normal to wear a speedo in Europe or South america, I don't know why americans get offended by a man showing his qudriceps

  • I don't understand why everyone thinks swimmers wear speedos to show off their bulge. Where did this come from. I have jammers and speedo briefs and the briefs ate much better for me since they don't restrict my leg movement the way jammers do cause I have huge muscular thighs for a man and need to the freedom of movement.

  • Speedos are out of style for regular swimwear. They show a person's lack of style. Get out your tie-dyed t-shirt.

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