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Girls, does an angry man turn you on? Who is hotter, a guy who keeps his cool or an angry guy?

Girls, does an angry man turn you on? Who is hotter, a guy who keeps his cool or an angry guy?

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  • i find it sexy when he stays calm but I see the anger or annoyance flash on his face, it's a little scary but really sexy. yelling and going nuts would turn me off

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  • keeps it cool. it's hot when a guy can defend his family though and when he can do heavy lifting, etc. I think that's the kinda thing that really demonstrates manliness.

  • A flash of anger is attractive, I know it's stupid but blame it on the animal inclinations..

    Keeping it cool is nice too, it shows he has great control over himself, which is attractive too

    But for the quickest perk of desire for a guy, a little hot anger will do.

    • You're young, so you obviously prefer young immature guys as opposed to real men. DUH. This isn't my logic though; QA's logic

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    • Ok, let's agree to disagree.

    • i get it now, don't worry ;)

  • a guy who keeps his cool, by far. I don't find angry guys attractive, at all.

  • Nothing drives me away faster than a guy with a short temper.

  • Angry guy IF he is angry over someone trying to hurt me. Would love a guy who defends me.

    • so you prefer immature guys instead of real men... ok.

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    • Or, if someone tried to physically hurt me, he's better get angry enough to try and protect me like I would for him.

    • you don't understand. you don't have to get angry to stand up for yourself. a real man controls his emotions at all times (no matter how tough the situation). a man who gets angry is nothing but a helpless kid. ridiculous. it's much more difficult and manly to keep your cool.

      being angry doesn't equal being able to defend yourself. angry people are irrational. irrational people are bad fighters. an angry man couldn't even defend you in an effective way if someone tried to physically hurt you.

  • Don't like guys with tempers, so anger isn't a turn on, biggest turn off ever!

  • There are very few situations where I'd want a guy to turn all angry. I would prefer him to generally keep his cool.

    • like which situation, when a bunch of tanks and soldiers with auto canons and machine guns fire at you, he go angry turns green and clobbers them all? Angry man smash!

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    • name a situation whre you want him to turn angry. how do you want him to react if someone provokes you/provokes him?

    • If another guy was becoming aggressive towards him or me, of course I'd want him to be angry.

      If a guy was giving me unwanted attention to the point of harrassment, I wouldn't care if he got beat up, I'd prefer it. It shows he really cares...but if we are arguing over something simple, keep your cool!

  • The guy who keeps his cool. I wanna mess him up ;) But I also don't like feeling like you might not have control - hence no angry guys

  • Depends. If its something stupid I did, then I'd want him to yell at me. But I wouldn't want him just to get pissed over little insignificant things. Walking away seems more mature. Plus in a fight, whoever gets mad or loses their cool first basically loses.

  • It depends how angry

    I think mad or upset is a little better. When I think of anger I think of the hulk. I want him to get a little upset, but not insanely

    I feel like the guy who is always calm, holds his anger in and then goes crazy randomly

  • For me, a guy who can keep his cool in situations that are stressful and/or where many others would lose it is wildly attractive. It shows that he's got enough maturity to keep his emotions under control-- which is always the best way to efficiently deal with any situation. A guy who flies off the handle all the time or consistently responds with an out-of-proportion reaction is just a waste of time. Like really, what are those guys trying to achieve? Black eyes and a room full of adrenaline is hardly a resolution to anything, ever.

    Also, sometimes women confuse anger for "passion" which is dangerous, because there is most definitely a distinct difference between the two. Passion is great, but one should be careful not to confuse that with some hothead guy who steps out of line all the time and can't keep his tongue in check.

  • i get angry, but I make and effort not to have tantrums. I'm not attracted to people who don't put in the same effort.

  • mister ice

  • i would prefer a guy to keep his cool, altho occasionally having a mild arguement doesn't bother...if that makes sense... and no I'm not saying I like immature guys, because it actually pisses me off when guys act more like a chick than I do, I'm just saying an occasional arguement doesn't bother me

  • Angry guy

    I like a guy who screams, shouts and fights anyone and everyone.

    • are you being ironic? if not, I guess you're very young/prefer immature guys instead of real men.

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    • Someone obviously doesn't get sarcasm

    • This whole conversation, had me laughing! +1 for sarcasm.

  • No. An angry man scares me.

  • I love it when a man is angry

  • Angry

    • 2mo

      oh... Good you are genius lady.

  • no.

  • I hate it when my boyfriend gets angry... I'd rather when he's cool.. although there are slight exceptions to that... But generally when he's cool

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