Is it emotional for women to swallow a mans sperm?

do you feel closer..or is it just a physical thing and no big deal?


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  • after awhile I get used to it(; at first it was digusting because I wasn't used to having something like that squirt in my mouth unprepared..but after a few times it was alright because I let the guy have full plesure I let hm finish his job..instead of making him pull it out..I've been told they like it better when I swallow it I do that's the point of blow jobs(; IMO.


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  • I haven't done that yet, but I think I'd find it somewhat emotional... because I'm taking in a very intimate part of my man. It would also be a plus if it turns him on as well.

  • Its not a big deal for me at all

  • Well I do feel happy afterwards.

  • I don't feel any diffrent it sort of emotional if it's my boyfriend and I love him I don't know how it would be with someone that I'm not in a relationship with. I feel like it's something between that bonds two people.

  • I don't think it is a big deal at all

  • I guess so. I only ever did it for a guy I love. Other than that, I would have a hard time doing it.

  • Just physical.

  • In a relationship, yes, it's intimate and honestly does feel emotionally good. That's just me personally though.

    If it was just casual sex, I wouldn't like it.

  • I feel like a dirty skank and I hate myself afterward. If anything it makes me distance myself from him.

    • Then why do it?

    • I've only done it once because he asked. And I didn't like it and avoided him for a week. He never asked for it again. And I never offered.

  • I feel like a slut..

    • you say that like it's a bad thing..

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    • "Its only a "dominance" thing for a guy."


      It's funny because she doesn't know any part of it and she's talking out her ass. LOL.

    • Dont know any part of it? What are you talking about you weirdo.

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  • My first Girlfriend though it very emotional. She liked to move her head up to mine right after I came, so she could look me in the eyes and swallow. It was very bonding for us. She would swallow, and then smile and even kind of giggle sometimes, then snuggle a little bit. I think she felt it was accepting of me and showing bonding . she described it that way. I know I felt at way for me too.