How long into a relationship do you wait to go to second base?

how long into a relationship do you wait to go to second base?

one month?

two months?

three months?



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  • Even though you hear that a lot... like how long before 2nd base, 3rd, etc., it shouldn't have anything to do with a time frame. Instead, it should have to do with the advancement in your relationship as to what point you are when you feel totally comfortable with doing more personal and intimate things. Some couples that might be anywhere between one and three months for 2nd base, and some wouldn't want to go any further than that until they became engaged, and home before the get married. If you use a time frame and your relationship isn't a close one and is more for convenience or because you found each other cute or hot, it might be 2 weeks or less depending on how often you're with each other. The main thing is to just take your time and don't screw up your reputation because once you start the base running you can't turn back and bat over.


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  • Your call, when you're comfortable. I've waited ten weeks, I've waited ten minutes.

  • Second base would happen long before we had a relationship. That is just something that is done as you start to get to know each other.

  • 1st base= making out

    2nd base= touching, feeling, partial nudity

    3rd base= oral, finger/hand

    4th base= sex

    I would have to say 2nd base shouldn't be saved and for that matter waited for a specific time. These are merely levels in a relationship and should not be compared to a time span. You should move onto these levels when you and your partner feel comfortable with each other that you wouldn't mind moving onto these acts. So basically what I'm saying is that their is no time to wait only time to spend with one another. Hoped this helped. (im pro choice)

  • Whenever you two feel like it.

    I would say about one month, but that's me.


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  • You need to be more specific in what exactly "second base" is. It always seems to be different.

  • Whatever you feel comfortable with. :D