Do you girls like BBC?

I hear a lot of girls like BBC and most of them are white girls. do you?


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  • I definitely thought you were talking about the news program and I was going to be like "Doesn't everyone?" then I saw the answers, awkward. White girls who like specifically black guys are called dark sharks. I am not one of them. No difference to me

  • BBC? As in the UK news channel? Yeah! I watch it all the time! xD Not sure what that has to do with whether you're white or a girl for that matter :P

    • big black cock

    • I know what you're talking about. I was being sarcastic :P

  • BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation.

  • Why does it matter?

    Why do white guys on this site continue obsess over blacks and interracial sex when clearly they have a problem with it?

    I know it's easy to blame the big black **** stereotype on the FEW interracial couples out there, but please, let's move on

    And if you're an African American looking for an ego boost, most girls on here aren't fond of black guys to begin with

  • as in the TV channel(s)?

  • BBC is amazing!

  • i love all c

  • I LOVE the BBC! but I am dork/geek, just a little bit

  • When you love someone, you don't care about the color of their penis lol

  • BBC?

    • big black you can figure out the rest

    • oh got ya well I am a whit female and don't care for the color if it or the size (as long as I can feel it small is fine with me

    • God bless u, girls like you give guys like us hope lol

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  • LOL BBC, you can't be serious.

    eh, put down the mouse, and back away from the excessive amount of p*rn you obviously watch, LOL.

  • Some do some dont, my ex wasn't to fond of it and ran back to white guys.

    • oh didn't you say you had this bad penis problem where the skin hurts?

    • Yeah it's called phimosis.

  • omfg the fact that people still think its the brittish broad casting is just epic

  • I like NBC, Not Black Cock

  • Of course they do.