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My husband won't go down on me, I'm wondering why?

I've been married for 2 years I'm only 23 years old and I know that I'm very nice looking really clean and I only weight 110 lbs, so my husband has... Show More

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  • That's a good question. Why don't you ask him? Obviously, there's a reason because there's ALWAYS a reason why people do things and you have a right to know. The next time he "expects" you to go down on him tell him... "Umm noo, not until you tell me why you don't like pleasuring me... so what's the reason?" If he has some kind of problem with it, at least he should be able to tell you. That's the least he can do for his wife. At least, then you and him could come up with a solution that would hopefully be satisfactory to both of you.

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  • Word for the day: reciprocity. It means you give as you get, or you get nothing.Expand his vocabulary.

  • This should work both ways, and especially if he has never tried it before. I love to go down and can spend hours down there. its great fun. pitch it to him this way, how do you know you don't like it until you have tried it...see how it goes.

  • Some guys use women as a come dumpster.They don't care about how she's feeling, as long as they cum.Threaten him with no sex :D (I personally would leave you if you threatened me with that but most guys don't get girls easy so they won't risk losing one)

  • It may just be fear or insecurity or it could be something else. I know for one some women I wouldn't do if for because they no matter how clean they are they still have an odor I can't get past. That said, make sure when you are ready to attempt it hat you have freshly bathed/showered prior. You may have to hold his hand so to speak, tell him exactly what to do, what feels good, what does not. Make sure you also talk about it ahead of time, don't spring it on him ahead of time.

  • Some guys are just like that...they think it's gross or something.Why don't you start him out doing it in the bathtub, so he knows you are clean?

What Girls Said 2

  • tell him that he needs to give in order to get.

  • Have you ever tried talking dirty/sexy to get him into it? I know I used that all the time when I want something lol and the guys always get super turned on. The guy I'm sleeping with now ALWAYS finishes me off, regardless if I come through actual intercourse or not, he always finishes the job because he says the biggest turn on for him is seeing me turned on and getting off. Or maybe your guy is scared? Think about the first time you gave head, I know I was definitely shit scared that I would make an ass of myself. That could be his problem, so that's where the talking dirty/sex and giving direction comes into play and would really benefit you.For instance, when its getting hot and heavy say something about how you want him to kiss your stomach, and there play with your body language like almost, guide his head down there by moving and squirming as if your really getting into it and what he's doing is really turning you on, make little moans, and throw in some "yea baby, you know I like it like that" if you catch my drift. Who knows that might give him a boost of confidence, and get him excited and he will WANT to do it. Nothing strokes a mans ego more, from my own experience, then telling them their the king of the world when it comes to pleasuring you. :)

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