Well I learned my lesson about crowd surfing and wearing a tube top.

Me my boyfriend and a few friends went to a concert last night and I got the bright idea to go crowd surfing. It was a pretty good idea the only bad idea was that I was wearing a tube top with a built in bra on. I did not think of that before I decided to jump up on top of the crowd. Well needless... Show More

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  • I've been to a ton of concerts, and girls who crowd-surf ALWAYS get groped, and often have their shirts pulled up or down. For that matter, even the guys sometimes get groped by the girls.

    [this part not necessarily meant for the QA, but for some of the answerers:]

    A tube top was a BAD idea, for sure. And while you can make the case of this being sexual assault, you have to know that crowd-surfing REQUIRES other people to put their hands on your body, and that these people are strangers. At the very least, your ass is going to get groped, but people often get flipped around face-down too, so boobs aren't going to be unmolested either. If you're going to CHOOSE to crowd-surf, given that you are jumping into a pool of strangers, many of whom are drunk or high, and ask them to put their hands on you, groping is going to come in that package.

    At least you didn't get dropped! I've seen both guys and girls get dropped, often on their head or neck, and many have gotten badly hurt. I've had to catch many people who were expelled from the main crowd into an area without people to hold them up, and if I hadn't seen it coming, they'd have hit the floor.

    So, beware! Crowd-surfing (and stage-diving) is always a risk, and if you can't handle that risk, you shouldn't do it.