Questions to ask a guy

I recently started talking to this guy. He is 20 and I'm 17. He is always asking me good sex questions and I don't really have any good ones to ask him. I really need some good ones. So guys, I need some help lemme know what y'all would like to be asked by a girl.. please and thanx


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  • Certainly, Mlle.

    1. "What about me.... do you like me (or love me)?

    2. "Would you go down on me?"

    2a. "If so, how often?"

    2b. "if so, how well?" (Get the picture?!)

    3. "What is your fetish?" (ass, boobs, feet, lips, etc.) all guys have one -- get it! It's helpful.

    4. "How do I look bent over?" (this is telling, b/c it will help reveal #3)

    5. "Do you think about me when you are at work?" (very telling, most young men do)

    6. "Do you masturbate to me?" (If no, this is a bad sign.... if yes, this guy really likes you!!)

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      Thanx a lot for ur help. I have done asked him a few of them questions but thanx for giving me a few more!