Why Do Guys Always Grab Girls Butts?

There are about three boys that always stare at my ass and when I'm walking with any of them he grabs my butt while we walk. I'm not a whore, a slut or anything like that but I don't mind I'm just wondering do they think of me as one?


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  • They might think that, only because you don't tell them not to do it. But then they might also think it can go further. Make sure they know what you will and won't tolerate.

What Guys Said 5

  • They are flirting with you...they just like the fell of your ass in their hands

  • because its the next best thing after boobs

  • ya they def. like you, like what's his name said, just make sure they know ur limits

  • they probably like you or just think you have a really nice ass.

  • no there just flirting with you

What Girls Said 5

  • my boyfriend does the same thing and he does it like whenever I'm standing with my friends and himm andd his friends come up behind me and he grabs my ass but if they like you then they will know when to stop and when to do it

  • they just like touching. don't worry about it

  • Maybe they like doing that

  • It means they like you girl.

  • Somebody else asked that question awhile back, I remember. Search "butt" in the search field at the top, ha ha. Anyway, guys are immature and assholes. Next time they grab your ass, kick them in the balls.