Why do white girls love black guys?

first off I have my reasons but I've never talked about it openly so I wanna gauge what others here think. preferably girls who like black boys lol.

some personality/culture/attraction thing? thanks


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  • I think being a minority and sort of always sticking out, makes them more assertive. They have to be.

    Black skin also has better muscle definition, so if they work out, they see results faster, and muscles looks really nice on black skin.

    Not all Black men are like that of course, there are a lot of fat, ugly, scrawny, short, loser ones out there as well. It takes more than for him to be Black to be attractive.

    Personally, I love athletic, dark skinned Black men with really African features, like thick lips and wider noses. It's the difference, the muscle definition, and the soft features that turn me on. I also like the assertiveness that jocks have.

    The thing about big d***s isn't really true, although I do notice they have bigger balls on average.


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  • It is because we are different to what they are used to. They have open minds and are intruiged by the different cultures and looks. At least that is what a former flame once said and she was quite the looker too. Everyone thought I must have had a big d*** even though I hadn't started have sex back then (16 yrs)

  • Easy answer. More often than not, they think black men have big penises.

  • My circle of friends consist of mostly White or Asians, most won't go near a black or want to have anything to do with one, the ones that do usually weigh a tonne and bigger than a bulldozer or just too ugly that they'd be doing White guys being attracted to blacks :)

  • There stereotypically but not always true, large d***s

  • Honestly there really isn't a big number of white girls that like Black guys imo. Because only 30% of white women date black men or interracial out of the rest.

  • they want what they can't have, and they have huge cocks.

  • Probably you notice it more when it happens. Why don't we see questions on GAG such as: Why do white girls like white guys? (Or, why do black girls like black guys?) That is just assumed to be th enorm.

    Anyway, I think it's also got to do with this inter-racial thingy. For instance, I'm lured by women who are from as different a racial origin as myself. Specially Chinese or Japanese, and African!

  • More manly, sexual prowess, assertive, better bodies, and of course, the big d***s.

    • Did I miss anything QA?

  • My circle of peers is predominantly white and I'm the only one who's never had a girl before because they usually don't date black guys. And the one's who usually love black guys really aren't my type vice versa

  • So you're ashamed and embarassed about your reasons for liking black guys.

    • i didn't say that. I'm generally pretty shy

    • Shyness is irrelevant when nobody knows who you are. So why do you like black guys? That was the implication of my comment.

  • Yeah that's kind of a myth. Some definitely do, but I don't think the majority of women prefer black guys.

    • She didn't say the majority did. But some do.

    • Yeah, it just sounded like she thought that all white girls prefer black guys, or that its a common thing.

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  • well it's still (sadly) something people gawk at (interracial) so it can be the forbidden fruit thing,it can be a matter of trying something new,it can be just a matter of her liking the aesthetic of black men-it could be anything.

  • I'm not attracted to black guys, so I don't really know how to answer this. lol.

  • They're just attractive. I've dated a black guy. I don't get why the big deal is, guys are guys. Race really doesn't matter. I'd date interracially more, but I actually only know two or three guys my age whom aren't white hahah my city is so white it isn't even funny.

  • A person is a person no matter what they look like, why does it matter? This shouldn't be a color thing

  • I can see the guys's answer are very nice and respectfull :)

    right now, I'm not with a black, but a white guy. But I like black guys too.

    But, there is any diffrence between white and black guys for me. Of course there is, but I mean, the both are guys, it's not about skin's color, or d***, or else. It's about feelings.

    It's that way. You prefer black boy, there is no real explanation