Girls: Do you get hornier during your period?

Question says it all.

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  • If a girl is hornier on her period it is entirely mental. Biologically that makes zero sense. Hormone levels peak in the middle of your cycle when you ovulate two weeks before your periods starts. Unless something else is going on, the days right around ovulation are when a girl is naturally the horniest. The body also responds to this hormonal spike by making the vagina wetter to be more receptive for sex.

    If you are on the pill all of the above would not apply because there is no hormonal spike because the pill mimics the hormonal levels of pregnancy (especially progesterone) preventing an estrogen spike and preventing ovulation.

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      Complete agree - it is all in my head. knowing you can have what you want. that sort of thing.

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      Its def NOT MENTAL!!!!! I and many other girls get sex on their period. I MOST CERTAINLY DO! and I'm THE HORNIEST B4 AND AFTER MY PERIOD! SO CLEARLY ITS A COMMON THING! NOT MENTAL!!!!!

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      I understand, I like sex just about any time, but least on my period. It is just much less comfortable because the hormones and the natural lube aren't right.