Girls: Do you get hornier during your period?

Question says it all.

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  • Sometimes yes, sometimes no...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If a girl is hornier on her period it is entirely mental. Biologically that makes zero sense. Hormone levels peak in the middle of your cycle when you ovulate two weeks before your periods starts. Unless something else is going on, the days right around ovulation are when a girl is naturally the horniest. The body also responds to this hormonal spike by making the vagina wetter to be more receptive for sex.

    If you are on the pill all of the above would not apply because there is no hormonal spike because the pill mimics the hormonal levels of pregnancy (especially progesterone) preventing an estrogen spike and preventing ovulation.

    • Complete agree - it is all in my head. knowing you can have what you want. that sort of thing.

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    • Its def NOT MENTAL!!!!! I and many other girls get sex on their period. I MOST CERTAINLY DO! and I'm THE HORNIEST B4 AND AFTER MY PERIOD! SO CLEARLY ITS A COMMON THING! NOT MENTAL!!!!!

    • I understand, I like sex just about any time, but least on my period. It is just much less comfortable because the hormones and the natural lube aren't right.

What Girls Said 60

  • sjo JA! and its a bit of a problem hey!

  • yes

  • rofl at the guy who has periods and the 2 female guys!

    but then on topic, yes I definitely do.

  • leading up to it, yes. during...NO. =p

  • Well I loved my boyfriend to death [he's not my ex but I still love him to death], and I had an ity bity crush on this one guy. I felt bad about it, but I didn't want anything from him. I told my boyfriend, and although he was a bit upset, he was glad I was honest with him. It didn't really change our relationship. We're just used to telling each other these things. I have to admit though, he's never had crushes on girls while we were dating... He would've told me.

    • This has happened to me also. I told my boyfriend and he was upset at first and wanted to end our relationship but everything's ok now. He didn't understand why I'm having a crush another guy when we're together though.

  • YES! as soon as I'm done with it then I need sum baaaad lol

  • Only threat was LeBron and he's OUT! haha

    Lakers got this easy

  • like some other girls wrote, it's actually more before it...which ironically is also when PMS [PRE-menstrual syndrome] occurs.

  • magic cause somebody needs to just kick the lakers asses

  • I always do, during, about 2 days before and 2 days after.

  • It's not fair I tell you. 99% of men out there refuse to sleep with their significant other while she is on her cycle (I can understand that), but it's SO unfair! The amount of hormones flooding our bodies rival that of a high school boy. It's insane!

    Before a woman begins her cycle, she feels an increase in libido. About a week and a half (approx. 12 days prior to her period) a woman is most fertile. So when you crave sex the most, that is when you're the most likely to conceive. Pretty crafty if you think about it. And you can actually conceive while you are on your period. Gross, but interesting.

    • Its not gross!!! I actually like sex during menstruation!!!

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    • Apparently I've dated the wrong guys! I can't believe the answers from you guys. Good for you!

    • Technically you CANT get preggo on ur period. It HAS happened but it is VERRRRY rare. I asked my Doc

  • 2-3 days before my period, I'm a horny devil!

  • Usually yes. There is about one day where I'd say no but the rest of those days I'd say it is mild to very noticeable. I'm always horny though. It has a lot to do with hormones during a period. This is normal.

  • Just after the period, very much!

  • Yes, yes, yes. Thought I was the only one! Mainly before, as well as during. But during for some reason it's like that song... I can't get no satisfaction! Just keep wanting to have sex. It's odd. Haha that is a qualification for a potential boyfriend- he has to be able to have sex with me during that time of the month :)

    • That is an awesome answer and I have to have a woman who likes sex on her period!!

    • But hey its bad to have sex during your period... isn't it? I think it would f***in hurt

  • I'm personally very sensitive overall when I get my period, I even have to be careful with what clothes I wear or else my skin will get irritated and itchy. For that reason, I can be easily turned on if he plays his cards right, but the wrong sounds, smells, and sensations can get me turned off just as quickly.

    • Like the smell of decaying blood and uterine lining during the period?

    • I was more thinking like certain types of food, fragrances and stuff like that but...ya that too.

  • When a girl is most fertile.. ie just after or just before their period we are hornier.

    Its proven that strippers and stuff make more money during the times when they are most fertile over when they are not!

    amazing stuff

    • You are ONLY fertile 2 weeks before your period when you ovulate. Hormonally that is when your body is most biologically ready as well.

  • I actually get really horny right before my period. I just have a lot of energy in general. Then when I get my period I like to stay in bed until the misery is over.

    • I don't like the pic there...

    • Haha well unfortunately it's quite accurate

    • You wish it was, hahaha

  • Yep. Which is annoying because it's the only time in the month when I don't feel like doing anything about it.

  • Well, no not really.

  • Right Before, and After not during.

  • It's completely natural to find other people attractive and like other people when you're in a relationship.

    Just because you're taken doesn't mean you don't or can't notice other people.

    All that matters in not acting on it while you're in the relationship.

  • yes

  • omg definitely right before and right after...orgasms are insane!

  • hell yes. ^.^

    • And its not rare for a guy to NOT wanna have sex especially w their Girlfriend while she's on her period. Every boyfriend I've ever had had no prob w givin it to me while I was on it!

  • well for some reason I'm always horny so...

  • Nope, when I'm in a relationship, I don't even eye-strip other guys.

  • yeah, right before like crazy

  • Yes, especially the first couple days.

  • Magic I guess? lol.

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  • Hard to say. Both teams seem weaker to me than the usual finalists. Lakers emerged from an old (Spurs/Mavs), injured (Houston/Spurs), and dumb (Denver/Jazz) west, while Orlando profited from KG being out and Cleveland being a one man army.

    With that said, neither team seems as solid to me as I'd expect. But the Lakers jumped in the standings last year after getting Gasol. That leads me to believe he's the key, which is a problem against Orlando as Howard is the youngest, strongest and fastest defensive center in the league. That will be an issue, just as Perkins was an issue for Gasol last year.

    Overall it looks to me like last year. Better teams in the East. Major media support for LA. And a hungrier, better East squad winning. 5-6 games. If Turkoglu plays well, it's over.

    LA's a lot of hype. The numbers - and achievements - don't back up the hype.

  • I clicked no for my wife. She is horniest right around the time of ovulation in the middle of her cycle. If she is coming after me I know that we need to be extra careful about protection.

  • I believe in MAGIC!

  • Lakers, and I'm not a Lakers fan. I just think that they have to good of a team to lose.

  • The Magic couldn't stop Lebron and they won't be able to stop Kobe. Only difference is the rest of the Lakers can actually play unlike the res of the Cavs.

    • Yeah yeah yeah, Cavs are the best team in the league - but when WE beat them then it's "oh, well if it weren't for LBG they wouldn't be sh*t." blah blah blah

      Magic = puppet masters ....first LeBron, now Kobe

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    • The rest fo the Lakers aren't even that much better than the rest of the Cavs.

    • Ariza plays good defense and will be able to put lots of pressure on Turkoglu. Besides Howard, the Magic is outmatched in the post and will have to rely on their 3 point shooting.

  • I had a girlfriend tell me she gets extremely horny during her period and in the middle of her cycle.

  • nah screw this I'm still disappointed that my Nuggets lost to the Fakers... sigh and the Nuggs were the better team aswell. dammit ok Lakers in 5... why?

    because I think Lamar Odom will wake up like he did against the Nuggets in the last 2 games and he will make the difference, not to mention Bynum who if he gets his act together can be a very good player. errr I can't believe I just sort of complimented the fakers...

  • magic all the way, there are hugrier for it.