Can you finish in a girl and her not get pregnant?

Can a guy finish inside a girl and her not get pregnant?

also if you finish on the lips of a girls p**** is there a chance she'll get prego?


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  • Just learn to finish outside a girl unless both of you want to take a chance of her getting pregnant. Of course there's a chance of getting pregnant. That's the whole idea of having intercourse so that there's always a chance of the girl getting pregnant. If she's not on birth control and you're not wearing a condom spill your stuff anywhere but there.


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  • Yes to both. Many people think that you can't get pregnant if you pull out but guys actually also release sperm before they come and don't feel it. Always remember it's better to be safe than sorry!

  • Yes it's possible a guy can finish inside a girl or right outside her and not get her pregnant. But if she's not on the pill, it's a much greater chance for either one of those!

  • Can't you just find another place to cum? Why get her in trouble?

    What's wrong with her boobs?

  • if you come in a girl, you are really risking it. if you come outside of a girl's p****, ur still risking it, but not as much. either way, not worth the risk!

  • Yes. Even if you come on the outside, gravity could take over and if even a little gets in, she could get pregnant. It's possible, there's a name for that kind of impregnation, but I forget. A guy can finish inside a girl, though when comparing the odds of getting pregnant vs. not, there's a much higher chance she will get pregnant. Just use a condom, it's so much safer in so many ways.

  • No, she won't always get pregnant, but it sure does make the chances of her getting pregnant increase. And Yes there is a chance she could get pregnant from you finishing on the lips of her p****.


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  • Any unprotected sex, at all, can lead to pregnancy.

    Don't want her pregnant? Birth control, period.

  • Statistics show that 25% of American teenagers carry an STI, so FORGET unprotected sex:

    Sexually transmitted infections among American teenagers (NYT article): link

    • With unprotected sex there is the risk of getting the girl pregnant. Is it that difficult to understand?

  • wear the condom, I know it sucks, but it helps, it really does

  • finish away...who cares about the girl- if she gets pregnant you can always just leave her to live off welfare with her new baby.

    Just finish on her in her..wherever you chance in getting pregnant!

    PS- Please note the sarcasm in this post...a girl can always get pregnant when there is sex involved. Please keep your penis in your pants and go back to school and take sex education again...there is a lot you need to learn before you have sex.

  • yes to both.