How can I get my boyfriend hard, faster?

My boyfriend and I used to go at it about 3 or 4 times a night, back to back, when we first started having sex. the sessions would last about 40 minutes at a time and he would always cum. he's a machine! he would need around 10 minutes to 'recover' in between rounds, but it seems like he needs more time now. I guess I'm wearing him out lol. either way its goes, I'm dozing off to sleep or just not in the mood after the 30 or 40 minutes it takes him to get hard again. I don't want him to take this to heart, but I think he is. he jokes about losing his touch, but the sex is STILL great and I love him to pieces but I'm just not sure what to do to help him get it up faster. he likes when I lick his balls and suck on them, so that's been pretty successful, but is there any secret move or something that I can do that he'll love? someone told me I could by applying pressure somewhere... I forgot lol. I only had a (very, very, brief) sexual encounter before being with him, so I only know what I know. help?


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  • I hate to break this to you, but 3 or 4 half-hour sessions with a 10-minute reload time is extreme, and not something you're likely to see often. I wouldn't rely on it, take it as it comes (pardon the pun).


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  • BJ's always work well for me paying attention to my balls and the area behind my balls

  • a finger around his perineum (area between his ball sac and anus) or lube your finger and stick it in him just a bit - will make him rock hard in no time.

  • Get your boyfriend to learn male multiple orgasm so he doesn't need to recharge. Alexander Allman has a program to teach this. Go here: link

    The program is called command and control. I can't get it because I'm under 18, but I've been subscribed to his newsletter for over a year, and gotta say, he's a genius.


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  • my boyfriend likes it when I suck on his head and using both of my hands go in a fluid motion where my hands are going in opposite directions up and down the shaft. it makes him very excited!

  • There is a place behind their balls that drives them crazy when you touch, lick, or suck that area. When I give him head I like the touch his balls and carress them, then I suck them a little and then I lift them and kiss them from behind that's when I go for the kill and touch and kiss and lick more behind the balls he's almost there before I am! So that's the best I can think that works.