Do you like to call your man Daddy in bed?

Pretty simple, if you're in bed with your bf/fwb, etc... Does he like it when you call him Daddy, Papi, that sort of thing? And what does it do for you?

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This has been eye opening, I thought most guys would like it, and therefore there'd be a decent percentage of women who did too. Times are changing - or I'm just kinky in a different way than most. For the record, it's not about wanting to sleep with my daughter. I only shoot male sperm anyway. So I don't have one.

But I do like the idea of a woman of any age, even older than me, calling me Daddy, versus Sir, or Master, or My Liege or something. If you can't tell, I like submissive women.

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  • he does and I like it caus I like feeling submissive in bed and I'm showing him how much I enjoy him.

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  • I'd find that pretty weird..

    • Then what does your man like you to call him. Please don't say "his name."

    • Even worse :P

    • You can call me Big Daddy... ?

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  • No. I don't want to f*** my dad.

    • Okay, then you can call me Big Daddy - more of a nickname.

  • No. The only person I call "daddy" is my dad. And I don't have sex with my dad. That is called incest and is illegal.

  • No, I think its weird and it would actually remind me of my dad. I still, and always will call my dad "daddy" out of affection. "Papi" doesn't sound right when white girls say it, but I still wouldn't say it even if I had the sexy accent

  • No, I don't like it. It creeps me out. The closest I can come is "daddio," like the gang members in West Side Story. Neither would turn me on.

  • Wth that's weird .. thatd be pretending you want to f*** your dad wth how is that a turn on

  • i've always wanted to do that but since I'm a virgin I never really had the experiencei like older men and I dated a guy who was 32 and I was only 20 and though we never had sex I think I would have felt weird calling him that and I actually don't know if he would have liked it or felt weird about itbut in my head it turns me on

    • Yeah, I know, it turns me on, too. Not to actually have sex with my real daughter, but it's kind of like when Latinas call their men papi, it just gets me going... Too bad we're both anonymous, I'd friend you...

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  • only time id be OK w it is if I get lucky enough to find a columbian coke whore & then she could call me her papi :P. otherwise its creepy to me & id def not call a girl the go limp with that thought alone lol

  • Papi? No. We spoke English at birth and still do so. No Papi's here.