Do you like to call your man Daddy in bed?

Pretty simple, if you're in bed with your bf/fwb, etc... Does he like it when you call him Daddy, Papi, that sort of thing?

And what does it do for you?

  • It turns us both on.
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  • That doesn't do anything for us.
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This has been eye opening, I thought most guys would like it, and therefore there'd be a decent percentage of women who did too. Times are changing - or I'm just kinky in a different way than most. For the record, it's not about wanting to sleep with my daughter. I only shoot male sperm anyway. So I don't have one.

But I do like the idea of a woman of any age, even older than me, calling me Daddy, versus Sir, or Master, or My Liege or something. If you can't tell, I like submissive women.


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  • he does and I like it caus I like feeling submissive in bed and I'm showing him how much I enjoy him.


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  • I'd find that pretty weird..

    • The submissive thing is something different, I don't find that strange. Just the "daddy" phrasing of it would make me very uncomfortable. The other options you gave in the update aren't as bad (in my opinion)

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    • Even worse :P

    • Then what does your man like you to call him. Please don't say "his name."

  • No. I don't want to f*** my dad.

    • Okay, then you can call me Big Daddy - more of a nickname.

  • No, I think its weird and it would actually remind me of my dad. I still, and always will call my dad "daddy" out of affection. "Papi" doesn't sound right when white girls say it, but I still wouldn't say it even if I had the sexy accent

  • No, I don't like it. It creeps me out. The closest I can come is "daddio," like the gang members in West Side Story. Neither would turn me on.

  • No. The only person I call "daddy" is my dad. And I don't have sex with my dad. That is called incest and is illegal.

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  • only time id be OK w it is if I get lucky enough to find a columbian coke whore & then she could call me her papi :P. otherwise its creepy to me & id def not call a girl the go limp with that thought alone lol

  • It's a huge turn on. It was my girl's idea and she loves to call me Daddy in bed or Daddy Chris out of bed. Just a sensual sexy part of our lives now. She loves the submissive protective nature of calling me that. I'm 16 years older than her and she loves having a stronger older man to protect and show her new things in and out of bed.

  • Papi? No. We spoke English at birth and still do so. No Papi's here.